Information as a Strategic Resource - Digitalization Will Change Companies and Controlling Radically (Part 1)

Controller Magazin - Archive

Controller Magazin July/August 2017 (Seufert, A./ Treitz, R./von Daacke, M.)

This report outlines drivers and economic implications of digital transformation, as well as approaches to using data and analytics.

In detail:

  • The digital transformation: changes in business (digital economy) as well as in data / analytics (digital controlling)
  • Drivers of Digital Transformation (Phase 1 - People's Internet; Phase 2 - Internet of Things / IoT)
  • Economic effects of digital transformation / digitalization of products / services
  • Digitalization of the value chain / change in the competitive environment
  • Use of data and analytics in the context of the digital transformation (maturity model data economy, starting points for business potential, information as a product - digital products / services, controlling in the age of digital transformation)