Associate Membership

Associate Membership is intended for large corporations with at least 100 controllers. It enables numerous controllers from your company to enjoy the benefits of membership in the Association.

As an Associate Member, you benefit from:

Our international network of controllers and managers, with around 6,000 members, is acknowledged as the largest platform for controllers in Europe.

The ICV office is a competent address for all of your concerns.

Your controllers may participate free of charge in the meetings of the regional work groups as well as the sector and expert work groups. The work groups generally meet twice a year, in full-day meetings, which are frequently preceded by a social event in the evening before the meeting.

You receive a complimentary annual subscription to six issues of CONTROLLER MAGAZINE, the trade journal for controlling with the largest circulation in Germany, as well as the six issues a year of FINANCE if you are located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Our non-German-speaking members receive BULLETIN, a newsletter created especially for them by our international editorial staff.

Each of the four employees you name receives member discounts, including for events organised by our partners or the ICV, such as the Congress of Controllers, regional events and sector conferences.

You obtain our Controller Statements free of charge and exclusively. These Statements are created by sector experts from the ranks of our members, who dedicate themselves to a common theme and then, based on their insights, derive general requirements and guidelines for controlling in practice. We offer our members additional exclusive content at our ICV website.