Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership provides companies with access to our international controlling community through comprehensive professional education opportunities on current issues, through knowledge sharing at our conferences, via our print and on-line media and thanks to personal contacts in the regional work groups as well as the sector and expert work groups.  Many of our offerings include significant preferential pricing or are included in the annual membership fee.

In this way, companies with four controllers benefit from a Corporate Membership.  Moreover, several Corporate Memberships may be concluded depending on the number of controllers in the company. For larger companies and corporations, we offer additional, specially tailored advantages and benefits in our Associate Membership.

ICV corporate members about the ICV

Dr. Ralf P. Thomas, Member of the Managing Board/CFO, Siemens AG

Why has Siemens AG become an ICV company member?

Siemens sees itself as a link between practice and academia and actively participates in the design and development of accounting, controlling and finance. The ICV provides a very good platform for sharing relevant trends and changes in these areas.

Achim Schmeel, Prokurist and Head of Controlling at Transgourmet

Transgourmet is the ICV corporate member since 2017. 

Why did you opt for a corporate membership specifically at the ICV?
The ICV offered great opportunities to find out about current developments and topics in the field of controlling and to discuss them with other members. Among other things, we have been subscribing the Controller Magazine for many years and have been able to incorporate some interesting suggestions into our work. As a result, membership was a logical step.

What are your experiences with the ICV?
Above all, the expert materials and research studies on the topic of digitization and the impact on controlling have been of great interest to us since we are currently working very intensively on this question.

What are your expectations from your commitment the ICV?
To expand our expertise in the field of controlling and to share the experiences on results and best practice methods with other members.

How would you like to contribute to the ICV?
Among other things, by participating in congresses and, if possible, by taking part in activities of expert and regional work groups.