How you benefit from a membership in the ICV:

Knowledge, skills, networks

Controllers, CFOs, managers and representatives of academia, working together closely. Theory and practice – all at one table.

Experience meets trends

Old hands and aspiring youngsters, thoughtful traditionalists and ambitious innovators: we bring them all together. Therefore, we already know today what tomorrow's hot topic will be. And the right way to deal with it.

Boundlessly unique

A network just for controlling practitioners, a one of its kind. Across all sectors, company sizes, hierarchies, age groups and countries.

One for all

The ICV focuses exclusively on the benefits for its members.


All for one

We prepare knowledge for practical implementation, share experiences in our expert networks and incorporate them into studies and Statements. Everyone benefits equally from the advice, experience, insights and ideas of others.

Stronger together

A melting pot for everyone who does more than just a job, but also wants to stay on top and get ahead in their profession.


A common goal

Our goal is economically sustainable success for our members.  That is why we provide orientation among the multitude of controlling trends. Our focus is to put it into practice.

Good for you. Good for your company

Hands-on specialist information and a broad network take you further, both professionally and personally. After all, your personal success also contributes to the sustained improvement in the performance of your company.

A lot of value for the money

With an annual membership fee, you can join as an individual or as a company. And obtain, in return, an incomparable network, complimentary specialist information, discounts on special events, CA controller akademie vouchers and knowledge free of charge.