Controlling Intelligence Adventure - 14th Congress of the ICV Poland

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Check the report from the 14th ICV POLAND Congress

The 14th Controlling Intelligence Adventure Congress (CIA) takes place on September 14/15, 2020 in Poznań, Poland or on-line!

Main topic of the Congress is:

CONTROLLING AND FINANCE BUSINESS PARTNERS – competences in the era of digitization

As ICV POLAND, we guarantee the highest substantive level and the participation of many industry leaders who will share their rich practical knowledge and inspiring experience in their speeches. Innovative solutions, modern models of controller competence, modern technologies and challenges of the 21st century are the main issues that representatives of the International Association of Controllers (ICV) and Polish and foreign companies will face during the Congress.

Over 250 participants of the congress will have the opportunity to hear practical speeches on controlling and finance in the areas of Controlling and Management, Business Partnering, Teamwork and leadership, Competence models, Future of work, Competences in controlling, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Shared Service Centers (SSC). 

We also invited the best students in the field of controlling and finance to the XIV Congress of ICV Poland (CIA 2020). At ICV, we believe that controlling is a profession with a future and it is worth taking care of your career path development from the very beginning. That is why we invited them to appear during one of the thematic sessions - ICV Young Controllers Barcamp.

The great value of our congresses is also the ability to build networks and integrate participants. During the evening integration event, we provide attractions and the opportunity for an informal exchange of experiences.

This biggest controlling event in Central and Eastern Europe will be full of anyone who wants to meet the new challenges of the digital future in finance!

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