18th Adriatic Controlling Conference ACC Slovenia


18. Adriatic Controlling Conference: Controlling Intelligence

April, 25./26. 2019, Park Postojna cave, Slovenia

Over the next few years, we will all face - and controllers are no exception - a comprehensive and exciting transformation process. Digitalization has already changed our lives, but on the other hand it opens up numerous opportunities for businesses today and in the future.

One of the key future issues are undoubtedly the management of people, communication, taking responsibility, appropriate motivation and training of employees, the effects of digitization and the omnipresence of social networks. Especially cooperation is one of the most important values of managers and controllers, and can have a far-reaching effect, much more than a tireless monitoring of deviations from the budget.

This years topics are Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Digitization, Reporting, Visualization and Dashboards, Controllers competence in the future, presented by young controllers. Considering this topics, we found Controlling Intelligence as an appropriate motto for the 18th Adriatic Controlling Conference in Slovenia.  

Our guests come from Austria, Luxembourg, Croatia and Slovenia, from different companies such as Gorenje, Danfoss, PoslovnaUcinkovitost, CCH Tagetik, CRMT, Data Sense, Iskratel, Askit, B2 and others.  Among our key speakers from abroad will be also Pavel Lebedev, Advisor from Luxemburg and Dietmar Pascher, Partner and Trainer of CA Controller Akademie.

Quality expertise, best business practice from Slovenia and Europe,  innovative controlling and BI solutions, excellent speakers,  great atmosphere and networking are the reasons that every year convince controllers, managers, financiers, IT experts and other profiles to save the date.

18. Adriatic Controlling Conference will take place in the Hotel Jama near Postojna Cave, a World-Famous Natural Marvel in Slovenia


Among the topics and speakers:

  • Financial leadership: a new controller’s role or just another trendy concept? - Pavel Lebedev, FCCA, MBA*
  • The impact of digitalization - Dietmar Pascher, trainer, Controller Akademie Germany
  • Providing liquidity to the growth of the company and the role of the controller - Borut Radi, director, GVO d.o.o.
  • Impact of the calculation on the profitability of a production company - Staš Mencigar, head of controlling, MLM d.d
  • Communication challenges in controlling - Simona Frumen, lawyer, mediator, coach
  • Understanding the customer, the best basis for controlling - Milko Grebenc
  • Cooperation of management and controlling in Croatia - Dr. sc. Mladen Meter, consultant and director, Poslovna učinkovitost d.o.o
  • From agile methodologies to agile companies - Aleš Štempihar, director Askit d.o.o., president IIBA Slovenia Chapter, Digital42 team leader
    in Bojan Gorišek, Senior Developer, Wirecard AG
  • Maturity of the company for analytical transformation - Rok Pirnat, BI Unit Manager, B2 d.o.o
  • MicroStrategy – zero clicks analytics - Matej Petrovčič, co-founder and director of technology solutions, CRMT d.o.o.


Link: http://kontroling.si/konference/18-adriatic-kontroling-konferenca/


Contact for more information: 

Dragica Erculj


Mobile: +386 41 964 730