Expert work group Project Controlling: Kick-off, history and background

The Project Controlling expert work group was founded in February 2002 as a joint platform of the GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement and the International Association of Controllers (ICV).

At the inaugural meeting, members from various industries such as automotive, aerospace, municipalities, software, banks, IT service providers and independent consultants were present.

The transfer of knowledge should allow an open exchange of experience to discuss, develop and document innovative approaches. Guests are regularly invited to participate in the events and thus contribute to broadening the knowledge horizons of the members. The expert work group Project Controlling meets 3-4 times a year for two days each at locations along the Autobahn A8 Karlsruhe-Munich. The cozy part on the first evening is celebrated as a project controller hock.







Open exchange of experience



  • Platform for exchange of experience and development of concrete questions
  • Expanding the horizon, combining theory with practice
  • Information about methods and tools that are in use




Discussing innovation, developing, documenting



  • Methods of project controlling (future workshop)
  • New approaches
  • Should all innovations be documented?
  • Mathematical models
  • Performance measurement systems







Publication "Statement Projektcontrolling", 68 pages


Lider Regionu ICV

Klaus Schopka
+49 0170 48 74 218{bei}


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Forum Projektcontrolling - Thema zur Digitaliisierung

22.04.2021 18:30 – 20:00 Uhr – Online
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