Green Controlling for Responsible Business

Solutions for the controlling practice

At least since the federal government passed the CSR Directive Implementation Act for the disclosure of non-financial information in the external reporting, one thing is clear: companies have a duty to take visible and understandable responsibility for sustainable management along the entire value chain.

Sustainable corporate governance and the management of social and ecological goals are becoming increasingly important for companies. The expert work group Green Controlling for Responsible Business of the ICV starts right here: It identifies, discusses and develops goal-oriented, practicable and implementable solutions for a Green Controlling.


WG Management

Marco Möhrer

Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen


e-mail: fk-green-controlling{bei} 


Stefan Jordan

Deutsche Bahn AG




At the beginning of September, the expert group published its new white paper on the topic of "The role of impact measurement in corporate management".

The 18th CCS Controlling Competence Stuttgart (digital) takes place on November 26, 2020. Stefan Jordan and Marco Möhrer give some insights into the topic of impact measurement and discuss implications for controlling with Silke-Stephanie Thomas (Deutsche Telekom AG) and Dr. Alexander Stehle (Hauber Group).