The controllers want to be also navigators, tacticians and consultants also in the insurance companies. Since the 1980s, however, the insurance companies have experienced such a profound change that the controlling departments had to keep up with it.

Thus the insurance market, which was still largely regulated in the 1980s, has been liberalized with its license-approved tariffs. As a result, the industry-wide cost pressure intensified and it fueled the trend of mergers. Especially cross-border mergers with foreign insurers had an effect on the accounting of the companies and therefore on the work of the controllers.

The task of the controller has changed a lot. With the numbers controllers are no longer mere reporters, but designers. To this extent, the change in the insurance industry had an effect on the role of the controller, with a steady rise still needed.

Source: GENIOS WirtschaftsWissen, Ausgewählte Themen und Diskussionen, Jahrgänge 2006-2014


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