ICV Controlling Newcomer Award

For the innovative controlling newcomer work, given at the ICV regional event Controlling Inspiration Berlin (CIB)

Dear professors,

The International Association of Controllers and Region North of the ICV, organizer of the annual conference “Controlling Inspiration Berlin”, are once again inviting submissions for the “Controlling Newcomer Award”.

The objectives of the Controlling Newcomer Award are the promotion of young academics in the field of controlling and the transfer of innovative and practicable ideas from the university environment to the active practice of controlling where they can be applied by a large number of professional controllers.

Prizes are awarded for diploma and master theses or exceptional bachelor theses that discuss controlling innovations or the practical application of classical controlling issues. Papers submitted at any European university after April 30, 2016 are accepted for this award.

Professors acting as a supervisor for the relevant theses may submit proposals for the Controlling Newcomer Award 2018. We would like to invite you to submit theses worthy of this prize together with the complete application documentation. The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2018. We welcome the submission of theses from any aspect of controlling in either German or English.

The jury consists of controlling practitioners and university representatives and its final decision will be based on a combination of scientific value, degree of innovation and the deductibility of implications for the practice of controlling.

The total award of the Controlling Newcomer Award is EUR 4,050, sponsored by Haufe and the Haufe Akademie. 2/3 of the prize money is paid to the authors of the winning theses and 1/3 is paid to the supervising professors. In addition, all prize winners will receive one year’s free membership with the International Association of Controllers ICV.

The Controlling Newcomer Award will be awarded on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at the CIB in Berlin. We expect award winners to present their work to a broad audience at the CIB, ideally with the support of their supervising professor.

All applicants for the Controlling Newcomer Award are eligible for free participation in CIB 2018.

CIB is a conference held by the International Association of Controllers ICV, organised by the East German ICV work groups (Berlin, Berlin-Brandenburg, Franconia, Saxony, Thuringia, Weser-Harz).

We’re looking forward to your participation and are excited about reviewing the innovative and practicable controlling ideas developed under your supervision.

Let’s work together to promote young talent!

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Nicole Jekel                    
Head of the Jury

Fabian Walther