Agile Controlling

The expert work group is newly founded in Switzerland in 2020!

What can you expect?

Controlling must become more agile and flexible in the future.
What distinguishes agile methods, organizational forms and corporate cultures?
Where are they already used successfully today and what impact do they have on controlling and the CFO area as a whole?

The work group analyses these questions and develops solutions. From this, each participant can deduce for his own organization how agile his area is already, how to manage the agility of the entire company (OKR).

Cooperation mode:

  • One meeting per quarter (a visit)
  • Publication of the discussion results in the form of interviews, webinars (social media) and expert articles in the ControllerMagazin (approx. 4 articles per year)

Due to the circumstances of the corona pandemic, the kickoff is postponed to around the beginning of September 2020.

Controllers, Head of Controlling and CFOs of all industries and company sizes are invited to participate in the expert work group. The expert work group is open to the ICV members.

If you’re interested, please contact Ulrich Egle or Markus Steiner.


Lider Regionu ICV

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Egle and Marie-Luise Lehmann

Kick-Off Fachkreis Agiles Controlling

01.09.2020 17:00 – 19:00 Uhr – Zoom
Einladung zur Auftaktveranstaltung

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