International Controlling Conference Croatia

The 9th ICCC - International Controlling Conference in Croatia is planned for mid-November 2021 - on-site


8th ICCC - International Controlling Conference in Croatia "Controlling: The Time to Wow is Now" took place on November 12-13, 2020, online


Organizers: Consulting company Kontroling Kognosko and Lider Media

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Sponsor: ICV Internationaler Controller Verein

Participants: 250+

Platform: ZOOM

Official language: English


About the online conference

Due to the new normal and its numerous restrictions, our well-known controlling conference was held in the form of an ONLINE EVENT with a GLOBAL outreach.

To compensate for the lack of social contact, we gathered many more experts, and extended the conference to two days.

There were participants from literally all over the world!

The 8th International Controlling Conference in Croatia (ICCC) was held on Thursday and Friday, November 2020 12-13 online via the ZOOM platform.

The theme of this year's conference was Controlling: The Time to Wow is Now

The theme was inspired by the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has acted as a trigger for shifting the focus on controlling. This year is marked by significant challenges, quick exchanges and new solutions. This is the time for controlling to show the best it has to offer!

On both days, we tackled many dilemmas, doubts, questions and concerns related to the current global situation.

We had another outstanding event in the field of controlling that offered many practical examples.

What topics were covered at the conference?

This year we gathered leading experts from Germany, Russia, Austria, Great Britain, Poland, Spain, Slovenia and Croatia, to tackle topics that cover controlling and the current changes in the world of management.

Key note speaker was Heimo Losbichler followed by Thomas Zielinski, Edyta Sarska, Guido Kleinhietpaß, Andrej Lapajne, Valentin Usenkov, Axel Ehberger and others. Moderator was Jasmina Očko.

During the two-day event, 13 different topics were covered.

Among other things, topics included the new future of management, quick reactions from controlling, and the best of KPIs and reporting. Special attention was paid to Python as a new "must-have," and to the latest examples of IBCS.

We had the opportunity to hear presentations dedicated to the tension between external and internal accounting, to the plea for cost accounting, to the challenges of controlling in public hospitals, as well as many others.

Who was the conference for?

All levels of controllers, company owners, all levels of managers, planners, data scientists, data analytics, IT experts who work on business solutions that provide support to controlling (BI, DW, planning), financial and accounting managers, and all others who feel a new era is knocking at the door.

You can learn more on conference official web-page: