CIS Controlling Insights Steyr - Agenda of the online meeting on November 27, 2020


The agenda is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Economic framework conditions 2021
Experts provide valuable guidance with their assessment of the general economic development as well as the development of the capital and labor market, .

Part 2: Crisis management done right
Restructuring professionals provide insights into the success factors of crisis management.

Part 3: Exchange of experience, controller practice
Controllers and managers share experience with measures taken so far and current challenges in controlling practice.


The participants of the CIS 2020 arrive online.



Re-start or crisis year? - Perspectives for international economic developments in 2021 Dr. Stefan Fink

Dr. Stefan Fink is Chief Economist at KPMG and Professor of Finance and Risk Management at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Steyr. In his speech he gives a concrete outlook on the economic framework conditions and thus valuable orientation for corporate planning in 2021.

Dr. Stefan Fink
Chief Economist, Professor of Finance and Risk Management
KPMG and FH OÖ Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Management


Cash is King – Framework conditions and perspectives for securing liquidity Mag. Christoph Wurm

As a result of the lockdown, many, even good, companies can no longer finance themselves from ongoing sales activities and are dependent on external sources of finance. The focus of controllers and managers is now more than ever on securing liquidity. Mag. Christoph Wurm, CEO of VKB-Bank, gives an outlook on the framework conditions to be expected, such as the credit and rating policy of the banking institutions, interest rates, risk premiums or financing options.

Mag. Christoph Wurm


Looking for a controller? Job and career prospects in 2021
Mag. Matthias Schulmeister

While many employees are currently on short-time work or are afraid of losing their jobs, controllers are currently often working overtime. But is the saying “times of crisis are times of controllers” also valid in times of corona? Mag. Matthias Schulmeister is the managing partner of Schulmeister Consulting, Austria's leading personnel consultant in the financial sector. In his speech he shows how the job market in the finance sector has developed since the lockdown, which skills are currently being sought and which job prospects controllers can expect in 2021.

Mag. Matthias Schulmeister
Executive Partner
Schulmeister Consulting

The participants have the floor.


The participants have the opportunity to comment on the economic framework conditions outlined.



Success factors in crisis management
Daniel Geiger / Oliver Knapp

Roland Berger is the market leader for restructuring and performance improvement in the German-speaking area with decades of experience. Daniel Geiger and Oliver Knapp provide insights into Roland Berger's holistic approach to crisis management, which also equips companies for the time afterwards. In addition to the typical approach, Daniel Geiger and Oliver Knapp shed light on key success factors, common mistakes and the role of controllers.

Daniel Geiger
Competence Center Restructuring, Performance, Transformation & Transaction
Roland Berger, Frankfurt

Oliver Knapp
Co-Head Operations DACH
Global Co-Head of Procurement, PMI-Desk
Roland Berger, Stuttgart


The second wave - what to do when state subsidies and deferrals expire?
Dr. Gerhard Wüest

The Management Factory has specialized in taking over restructuring mandates and has developed a uniform restructuring model from more than 100 crisis cases. After the liquidity situation stabilized in the first phase of the corona crisis, many companies are now required to maintain liquidity even after the financial aid and deferrals. Gerhard Wüest uses specific examples to explain what to look out for from a business and legal perspective.

Dr. Gerhard Wüest Crisis Manager and Supervisory Board in various companies (Fischer Sports, Schrack Technik, Unimarkt) Management Factory Corporate Advisory GmbH  

12:00 Lunch



What comes after COVID19? Scenario planning done right
Dr. Alexander Fink

There is a lot of discussion today about whether the world will return to old patterns after corona or whether it will change permanently and thus require adapting strategies and business models? ScMI is a specialist in developing scenarios. In an open online process, ScMI thought ahead with eight possible post-corona scenarios with 80 experts. Alexander Fink shows in his speech how scenarios are correctly developed methodically and presents both the post-corona scenarios and their current assessment.

Dr. Alexander Fink
ScMI Scenario Management International AG


Planning and budgeting in uncertain framework conditions Mag. Sonja Wallner

Many companies had to say goodbye to their annual targets and budgets very early this year due to the corona and regularly revise forecasts. The uncertainty about economic development poses great challenges for managers and controllers when drawing up a budget for 2021. Mag. Sonja Wallner is CFO of A1 Telekom AG. In her speech she gives a field report on dealing with uncertainty and the role of digitization in budgeting.

Mag. Sonja Wallner
A1 Telekom AG



The participants have the floor.


The participants have the opportunity to discuss in break-out sessions.

Mastering the crisis successfully over the long term - a field report
Mag. (FH) Johannes Huber-Reiter

In his lecture, Johannes Huber-Reiter describes how the initial shock of the lock-down turned into a successful business year for Löffler. He shows the measures taken, the controlling instruments used and the role of the controller in the course of the crisis.

Mag. (FH) Johannes Huber-Reiter
Löffler GmbH