Save the Date: We invite you to the 18th CAB Controlling Advantage Bonn on November 17, 2022 (LANGUAGE: GERMAN)

That was the CAB 2021

Impressions from the CAB 2021

Report from the CAB 2021

Read the report prepared by Thomas Meyer in the ICV ControllingBlog. 

Speakers of the Controlling Advantage Bonn 2021

Alexander Hardt
Professional Scrum Trainer

Dr. Thomas Würzburger
Business Expert & Speaker

More about Dr. Thomas Würzburger here

Prof. Dr. Kai Wiltinger
Hochschule Mainz


"Opportunities and Limits of Agile Controlling"

Arrival of the participants and greeting

by the city of Bonn and the IHK Bonn

  • Agile: What does that actually mean?
  • Agile controlling: How it could work
  • Necessary change of perspective and consequences
  • Design leadership responsibly in an agile environment

Alexander Hardt
Professional Scrum Trainer

10:15 Coffee break

  • How much BottomUp / TopDown does OKR need?
  • Planning and reporting process with / next to OKR
  • OKR as a (management) instrument in controlling units
  • OKR as an instrument in administrative areas

Prof. Dr. Kai Wiltinger
Hochschule Mainz, Lehrstuhl für ABWL, ReWe & Controlling
Partner Capitum Consulting GmbH, Pfäffikon, Schweiz
Member of the ICV expert work group Agile Controlling


  • Practical application of agile working principles
  • Transfer of agile principles into controlling practice
  • Prioritization in agile environments
  • Significant differences to classic controlling
  • Mixing classic and agile controlling?!

12:15 Lunch break

  • through individual skills
  • by means of social skills
  • in a competent organization

Dr. Thomas Würzburger
Humanist, Business Expert & Speaker

14:30 Coffee break


  • Agile responses to changing requirements
  • Agile management paradigm
  • Paradigm shift in agile environments
  • Agile culture and agile mindset
  • Presentation of the results of the working groups and joint reflection and evaluation
  • Where do we see opportunities and limits of agility for companies and controlling?
  • What are the main challenges for managers, controllers and employees?
  • What application ideas for our practice do we take with us from the CAB?

Joint, moderated discussion of all participants and speakers

17:00 End of the conference at the DVGW
Journey to the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf for a maximum of 30 participants who have registered for it.


Work Group West I - Rhein-Ruhr
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Work Group West II
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Work Group West III - Rheinland
Martin Schulte
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Work Group Westfalen
Thomas Meyer
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Work Group Rhein-Main
Thorsten Balzer
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Sector Work Group Energy + Water
Gerald Stuer
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Expert Work Group Controlling and Quality
Frank Ahlrichs
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Work Group Russia - Moskow
Dr. Georg Schneider

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Delegate for the Region Germany West
Martin Schulte
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