This is what the participants say


The mix of theory and practice-oriented application was outstanding and clearly demonstrated the requirements for efficient and agile controlling. In addition to the challenges of architecture as well as the organization in the BI environment, background knowledge on the subject of advanced analytics was taught through the linking of mathematical principles and business relevance. Above all, the handling of the information quality in the digital age will increasingly change the functioning of controlling.

Armin Rauch, Vice President Controlling Systeme & BI, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG 

A successful blend of a transparent classification of the topic Digital Transformation in Controlling from a methodological / scientific point of view and the presentation of a concrete, very successful implementation in a system that can be used as a toolbox for controlling immediately. An extremely helpful discussion on the current classification and strategic use in practice and an open, interesting experience transfer between the direct users. Everything with a manageable number of participants, which facilitated deepening questions and detailed exchange. I have been able to take concrete approaches / aspects for an operational implementation - thank you.

Frank Spalthöfer, Group Risk Manager / Manager Controlling Systems, HARTING AG & Co.KG

A successful workshop with many suggestions for current and future challenges. Hands-on was shown on how the controlling department is developing and what development opportunities are opened up by the digital transformation of the controlling instruments and methods.

Marcus Schallenmüller, Bereichsleiter Controlling Gruppe / Strategische Planung, Andreas STIHL AG & Co. KG

The event was very inspiring and gave a lot of impulses on how to tackle the day-to-day controller tasks in the digital age with modern controlling tools even better. In particular, the combination of the learning contents with practical examples as well as the possibility of exchanging with other participants ensure a completely successful format.

Mariusz Rzeznikiewicz, Controller, MEDTRON AG

"An all-round successful event, which offers new impulses for controlling by the high professional competence of the speaker. The theoretical contents are deepened in interaction with practical exercises with the help of the BI-Tool of the company BOARD. The exchange with the participants, the experts from BOARD and the speaker made for a varied daily routine."

Dr. Matthias Wiersich, Produkt- und Marketingcontroller, TeamBank AG

"In the field of renewable energies, the markets around the world are constantly changing. Efficient and adaptable controlling tools are immensely important. Your event gave me many new impulses in this context. The speakers have managed to skip the spark of enthusiasm for digital controlling. It were two valuable days for me."

Miroslav Cimesa, Controlling, juwi AG 

"The mental structure that Professor Seufert offered as a "knowledge framework" in which I could "hook" in new concepts, tools, practical examples and exercises of all speakers made learning easy. To be able to develop new knowledge in such a constructive atmosphere is really enjoyable."

Irene Rieger, Strategisches Wirkungscontrolling, FONDS SOZIALES WIEN

"In a good working atmosphere, the strategies were discussed and possible practical solutions presented. Prof. Dr. Seufert as a very interesting personality could enthrall the audience. In a simple and clear language, with the professional use of tools, the complex relationships were explained and thereby suggestions proposed by BOARD-Team are convincingly professional and very practical. The speakers know from their own experience, where the problems and opportunities lie and give a motivation boost for the new approaches. Many thanks for that!"

Tatjana Gordeev, Leitung Controlling, Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG