2012: One page only for reporting

On October 11, 2012 the work group Lublin, Poland met in Zamosc for its 14th meeting on a large scale: almost 30 controllers arrived to discuss together the topic of one-page-only - reporting on only one page. Reports are a part of controller’s everyday life – that’s why the participants showed much interest to discuss the problem together, get to know different points of view and introduce new ideas to their work.

Zamosc, hometown of Rosa Luxemburg and also (a nearby village) the former president of Germany Horst Köhler lies in the half way between Warsaw and Cracow. But about the half of this way while going by car means using regional roads and a travel of 5 hours. Zamosc itself has a beautiful restored old town – world cultural heritage since 1992.
For it’s usual in Poland, the work group met on Thursday afternoon. At the beginning all participants had a task from the head of the work group: they had to analyze two Excel files and compress them to a short report. For me it was really astonishing how quickly and professionally my Polish friends could carry the task out.

After dinner – we all had accommodation in a beautiful hotel – we could play bowling together and talk a lot – some of us till 2.00 in the morning – a very active work group!

The Friday morning was dedicated to a discussion about most important tasks of a report, about taking individual goals of report‘s recipient into consideration as well as about demonstrating own ideas for an one-page-only-report. Group works brought following topics closer to the participants:

  1. How much does a normal monthly report cost in my company?
    1. Seven most important goals and suitable indicators for the head of Sales
    2. Less columns means more! Which of them are important?

Everybody had much fun – and we also learnt from each other! Many thanks to the organizing team: Luiza Zaporowska, Danuta Koniak, Mirek Wojtaszko und Pawel Rafalski.