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Next Generation Finance Benchmarking Campaign by the ICV and SAP

Video and webinar about the campaign

In a joint campaign the ICV and SAP offer financial and controlling organizations to assist them in the first steps of transformation planning. After a survey, they get an overview of key KPIs and the maturity level in applying best and next practices in their financial processes. Matthias von Daacke, Vice Chairman of the ICV, and Jürgen Daum, Chief Solution Architect / Value Engineer for Finance at SAP, present the campaign in the video and focus on the survey in the campaign's webinar.

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ICV Digitization Offensive

Goal of the ICV Digitalization Offensive

What challenges do companies have to face in the digital age and what is the role of controlling?

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The ICV members have the say

Controlling Study 2019: The partners present the results

What is the current situation in controlling when it comes to corporate planning, dealing with decentralized planning scenarios and the potential of cloud solutions? In the summer of 2019, ICV and our corporate member Thinking Networks AG conducted a joint study. In the webcast, the partners together with Matthias von Daacke (Vice Chairman of the ICV)  and Christoph Magoley (Head of Communications, Thinking Networks AG) present the results for discussion.

Further education in controlling: "Who comes with a club, demotivates"

Are controllers prepared for the new challenges? Who is responsible for professional development: company or controller? How can you motivate for professional development? And what about the qualification of graduates? ICV Board Member Siegfried Gänßlen answers some questions on a broadcast from October 16, 2019.

Success factor data competence: Consistency as a precondition

"Data competence must become a strategic component of corporate governance". This requires Dr. Jörg Thienemann, Head of the ICV work group Rhein-Neckar and Managing Director of the ICV corporate member Detect Value AG. Finally, according to Thienemann, data in the age of digitization is indispensable for improving processes, products and services and developing new business models. However, this requires appropriate skills. Thienemann does not want to be limited to IT, software development or controlling. Rather, integrated data competence models are needed along with the data value creation. Only this way data could contribute to the strategic success of a company. More about this in the video [German], which we may publish by courtesy of Detect Value AG here.

Péter Horváth: How digitalization can be anchored in corporate management

“Controlling in the Digital Age - Challenges and Best Practice Solutions" was the motto of the 29th Stuttgart Controlling and Management Forum in September 2015. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Péter Horváth, founder of Horváth & Partners and member of the core team of the ICV Think Tank, talks about the trend topic in an interview. He explains the effects of digitalization on controlling and on its task-bearers. In addition, he provides information on how digitalization can be anchored in corporate management.

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Expert documents and contributions

ICV Digitization Offensive


What is controlling?

Prof. Dr. Nicole Jekel is not only investor, trainer, speaker and Jury Chairman for the ICV Newcomer Award. She is also Professor of Controlling at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. As such she explains what actually controlling is - from anamnesis to therapy!

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In addition, she started a controlling app some time ago, with which you can learn controlling basics on your smartphone. More here.

Further education in controlling: About necessities and offers

ICV Board Member Siegfried Gänßlen, former CEO of Hansgrohe SE, on the important topic of "Further education of controllers". He talks about necessity and responsibilities, selection criteria for the right educational offer and the wide range of services offered by the ICV and its partners.


Controller: education, further training, salary, job offers

International Standards in Controlling (ENG)

Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich - Head of the ICV Think Tank - on desirable international standards in controlling.

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The ICV Mission Statement

The ICV Core Elements

Perspective of the ICV and IGC: What is controlling?


Prof. Dr. Utz Schäffer on the changing image of the controller

You can download a handout for the two-part podcast  for free on the interviewer's website, ATVISIO Consult.


Prof. Dr. Utz Schäffer - Member of the ICV Board of Trustees - talks about the future of the profession "controller" and how a controller should deal with the changing requirements. Focus: Reporting.

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Expert documents and contributions

Controller: education, further training, salary, job offers


In this interview part Prof. Dr. Utz Schäffer focuses on planning and planning processes with a focus on predictive analytics.

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Speech of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Péter Horváth at the 41st Congress of Controllers

The ICV Board of Trustees

Matthias von Daacke on digitization in practice after the hype

At the 44th Congress of Controllers in May 2019, the cluster "Digitization in practice after the hype" was also offered. Moderator was Matthias von Daacke, Director Controlling of Blanco GmbH & Co.KG and Vice Chairman of the ICV. He reports on the topic and speeches given in the cluster, but also reports on the work of the ICV and the requirements for controllers - including the next generation.

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To the expert work group  BI/Big Data and Controlling

 To the expert work group Digital Transformation

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Rick Munzert on intellectual property and how to handle it

Rick Munzert is the co-founder of mind_IP, an exhibitor at the 44th ICV Congress of Controllers in May 2019. In an interview with ATVISIO Consult, he talks about why intellectual property is a hot topic, what are the associated intellectual property rights, and above all, how companies should deal correctly with the topic if they do not want to jeopardize their business models.

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Steffen Vierkorn on silo mentality and what it prevents

Steffen Vierkorn is Managing Director of QUNIS GmbH. In the Performance Manager Podcast, he talks about the company, obsolete silos, new forms of organization, Big Data & analytics clouds, and data governance.

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Thorsten Jekel on iPad, Coca-Cola and sales controlling

Thorsten Jekel was a speaker at the Controller Congress. He describes himself as a "Digital Working Thought Leader". Among other things, he is a consultant for the productive use of the iPad in companies. In the interview, he is dedicated to the subject of sales controlling of the future using the example of Coca Cola.

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The speakers of the Controller Congresses

ICV Controller Congress

Overview of all events

Katrin and Lothar Kuhls on speed coaching for young professionals, soft skills and good communication

Since 2017, there has been a special offer for young professionals in controlling at the Controller Congress: speed coaching. The coaches and the management advisors from WEGe, Katrin and Lothar Kuhls (former ICV Delegate for the ICV region Germany North) give information about the main topics of the participants and talk about the role of the controller as sparring partner for the management. There are surprising answers to the question of which soft skills a controller needs and what constitutes a good communicator.

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Overview of the ICV Delegates

Siegfried Gänßlen and Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler on changes and effects for controlling and controllers

"Controlling on the Move" was the motto of the 43rd Controller Congresses in April 2018 in Munich. The Performance Manager Podcast of the ATVISIO Consult GmbH was on site and spoke with leading minds in controlling at the largest conference for controllers in Europe, here with Siegfried Gänßlen, who in 2018 handed over the Chairman function of the ICV to Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler. With both of them he discusses the changes and digitalization in controlling and the question whether the controllers are already "on the move" and how to imagine the Congress in ten years. In the interview, Gänßlen and Losbichler also show what opportunities controllers have for the upheavals.


ICV Controller Congress

ICV Digitalization Offensive

Expert Knowledge for Controllers

Drei ICV-Arbeitskreise stellen sich vor

Die ICV-Arbeitskreisleiter aus Sachsen, Thüringen und Berlin-Brandenburg haben im Rahmen der ICV-Regionaltagung CIB Controlling Inspiration Berlin im Gespräch mit Peter Bluhm vorgestellt, wie ihre Arbeitskreise, aber auch die ICV-Fachkreise und ICV-Branchenarbeitskreise funktionieren und welche Ziele sie verfolgen. 

Brand Data Excellence - a global solution for business and finance

METRO AG was among the three finalists for the ICV Controlling Excellence Award 2019 with its submitted project on "Brand Data Excellence". ATVISIO Consult dealt with this in an interview. In addition to David Simonsen from METRO AG, the Jury Chairman Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Weber.

Jens Ropers on the challenges of a changing work environment

Jens Ropers, trainer and partner of the CA Controller Akademie, was head of one of the clusters at the 44th ICV Congress of Controllers in May 2019. He then talked to Peter Bluhm of ATVISIO Consult about the results and findings from the cluster that dealt with the world of work.

To the CA Controller Akademie

"Go slow to go fast": Congress speaker Benedikt Böhm on success principles

Benedikt Böhm was a speaker at the 43rd Congress of Controllers. The speed climber and manager of the ski tour equipment DYNAFIT explains in an interview how to achieve excellence and the seemingly impossible with the right mindset. He also mentions the starting points from the experiences of his sport to the business sector. This implies that success and failure are closely related and also his principle "Go slow to go fast".

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The speakers of the Congress of Controllers

ICV Congress of Controllers

Overview of all events

Communication controlling, the initiators and the key figures

Rainer Pollmann is Deputy Head of the ICV Expert Work Group Communication Controlling. In the podcast interview he reports on changes in corporate communications and the effects on communication controlling. He also uses an example to explain how key figures can be derived from the communication goals and who should initiate communication controlling in the company.

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The ICV Expert Work Group Communication Controlling

The ICV Team PR

Green Controlling at the ICV expert work group and in the companies

Dr. Alexander Stehle, Head of the ICV Expert Work Group Green Controlling, Group Controller at Eissmann Automotive Deutschland GmbH and Lecturer at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, talks about sustainability management. He also reports on the orientation of the Expert Work Group on how to measure sustainability with "green controlling" and in which sectors green controlling plays a pioneering role.

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The Expert Work Group Green Controlling

Overview of all expert / regional / sector work groups of the ICV

Jurate Keyblyte on digital transformation and what it brings the controllers

Jurate Keblyte, Head of the ICV Expert Work Group Digital Transformation and ex-CFO of Kuka Roboter GmbH, on the subject of digital transformation in controlling and why controlling, as we know it today, will no longer exist in ten years. As a consequence, she points out which new challenges controllers will have to deal with as a business partner for management in the future. In addition, Jurate Keblyte reveals her life motto and what is behind it.

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The ICV Expert Work Group Digital Transformation

Overview of all expert / regional / sector work groups of the ICV

Dr. Georg Schneider über den ICV-Arbeitskreis Moskau

Dr. Georg Schneider ist Leiter des ICV-Arbeitskreises Moskau. Beim 43. Congress der Controller spricht er mit ATVISIO Consult über seinen Werdegang und die Arbeit als Controller in Russland. 

Zum ICV-Arbeitskreis Moskau

Recordings from the ICV expert work groups webinars

Successful premiere of the ICV expert work group webinar on business valuation

Launched in January 2019, the ICV expert work group webinar series brings participants closer to the contents of ICV expert work groups. At the same time, it allows the controllers to ask the heads of the expert work groups and thus the experts questions in their field. The kick-off event was dedicated to the topic "Business valuation". The then head of the ICV expert work group of the same name, Prof. Dr. Georg Heni, and his co-speaker Stefanos Karagiannidis (new head of the expert work gorup) were technically supported by Dietmar Pascher from the Controller Akademie and the ICV Delegate for the expert work groups Christian Bramkamp. The ICV thanks for the successful work!

In focus: The ICV expert work group "Forum Project Controlling" (Englisch)

The ICV expert work group Forum Project Controlling presented itself in English in spring 2020.

To the expert work group

The ICV expert work group "Digital Transformation" presents itself

In January 2020, the Head of the work group Reinoud van der Vliet presented his group and its work. He also went into additional information and questions about the topic.

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About the ICV Events

The CIB 2020 is available as a recording

Did you miss the CIB 2020? Or were you there and want to see parts of it or the entire event again?

The CIB Organization Team offers all registered participants the opportunity to view the recordings on YouTube free of charge on request. You just need to send an e-mail to cib{bei} with the desired selection

Non-participants can also receive the links to the individual speeches (25 euros per lecture) or to the entire event (150 euros). To do this, send an e-mail with the desired selection to the Office verein{bei} Interested parties will receive an invoice and then the links to the ordered YouTube videos of the CIB 2020 by e-mail.

The language of the speeches was mostly German. 

Siegfried Gänßlen opens the 41st Congress of Controllers "in the age of digital transformation"

Siegfried Gänßlen, then Chairman of the International Association of Controllers (ICV), opens the 41st Controller Congress in Munich on Monday, April 25, 2016. The Controller Congress had the motto "Planning and Management in the Age of Digital Transformation".


ICV Controller Congress

Overview of all events

Warum lohnt sich die Teilnahme am Congress der Controller?

Der Leiter des ICV Teams Kommunikation, Hans-Peter Sander, spricht in BOBBIcast - dem "Best of Breed in der Business Intelligence-Praxis"-Podcast des ICV-Firmenmitglieds Thinking Networks - über den Congress der Controller im allgemeinen und dessen 45. Ausgabe. Diese war für den 27./28. April 2020 vorgesehen, musste aber aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie ins Folgejahr verschoben werden (26./27. April 2021). Zum Zeitpunkt des Interviews war dies jedoch noch nicht absehbar. 

Zum Congress der Controller

CIS 2018: The successful Austrian ICV autumn conference in a video

A contribution from the 17th CIS Controlling Insights Steyr on November 23, 2018. With many impressions, the ICV Chairman Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler and speakers in an interview.

The the event area CIS Controlling Insights Steyr

From the ICV Committees

Controllers as helpers in the crisis

The ICV expert worki group Zurich-Eastern Switzerland uses the online meeting at the end of February 2021 to deal with a focus topic.

Claudia Maron on the need for green controlling


Claudia Maron, Datev eG and Board Member of the ICV, spoke at the invitation of the ICV work group Spain in July 2020 about Green Controlling (presentation language: English) and in an online speech gave the Spanish audience guide for the successful integration of ecological goals into corporate planning and - controlling. The reason for the explanations is the EU's goal of being the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Accordingly, the importance of sustainability in the company continues to increase for management and controlling. In the online speech she was introduced by Axel Ehberger, Management Controlling Consultant, Head of the ICV work group Spain and Professor of Management Controlling at the Tecnocampus Mataró. The speech was presented and moderated by Xavier Subirats, economist, reporting consultant and corporate governance partner from AMSEL ASSESSORS and third vice president of ACCID.

Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich on the ICV Think Tank and trends in controlling

In the podcast series of the ATVISIO Consult GmbH for the 43rd Controller Congress 2018, Peter Bluhm speaks with Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich, Head of the ICV Think Tank, Chair of Industrial Management at the EBS in Oestrich-Winkel and Managing Partner of the Horváth Academy. In the interview he talks about the way the Think Tank works and trends in controlling.

More about the ICV Think Tank

Learning by doing: The International Work Group of the ICV

The founder and longtime Head of ICV International Work Group, Dr. Herwig Friedag explains how his group works. It works as an advisory board every year in another medium-sized company in Europe, with an European team and working entirely in English. Friedag reports on how the host companies and group members benefit from the cooperation.

More about the ICV International Work Group

From the ICV Awards

Head of the Jury Prof. Dr. Utz Schäffer on the ICV Controlling Excellence Award 2021

Peter Bluhm from ATVISIO Consult in conversation with the Head of the Jury on the ICV Controlling Excellence Award 2021.

ICV Controlling Excellence Award 2019: The winners in an interview

The winners of the ICV Controlling Excellence Awards 2019 - Unitymedia GmbH – in an interview with the ATVISIO Consult GmbH. 

Winner AIDA Cruises and the green controlling

On September 19, the Green Controlling Award 2018 of the Péter Horváth Foundation was given in cooperation with the International Association of Controllers (ICV) at the 32nd Stuttgart Controlling and Management Forum. The winner is AIDA Cruises with the project "Green Cruising". Dr. Ali Arnaout, Senior Vice President & CFO AIDA Cruises and CIO Costa Group, in an interview with the ICV.

More about it: 

Green Controlling Award Announcement

Winners of the Green Controlling Award

Die Gewinner des ICV Newcomer Awards 2019 im Gespräch

The winners of the ICV Newcomer Awards 2019 are Daniel Braun and Jakob Merz from WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. Together with Prof. Dr. Utz Schäffer the winners are in interview with ATVISIO Consult and describe their work and the challenges there.

Christina Keindorf and Nicole Jekel about the 2nd place at the ICV Newcomer Award 2019

The 2nd place of the ICV Newcomer Award 2019 goes to Gernot Domes and his master thesis entitled " The Effects of Digitization on the Functions of Controlling in the Context of Industrie 4.0, Using the Example of Companies Producing Locally". He himself could not be present at the award ceremony. Peter Bluhm is therefore in conversation with Christina Keindorf, Head of Group Controlling at Deutsche Bahn, member of the Jury for the ICV Newcomer Award and laudator for the 2nd place, and Nicole Jekel, Professor of Controlling at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and Chairwoman of the Jury.

ICV Newcomer Award 2019: the 3rd place winner Anna Adam in an interview


Anna Adam from the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University won the 3rd place of the ICV Newcomer Award 2019 with her bachelor thesis. The award was presented to her at the CIB Controlling Inspiration Berlin on November 16. Also her supervising professor, Prof. Dr. Roman Stoi, is in conversation with Peter Blum.


From the ICV Partners

Controller Competence Model 2.0

The Controller Competence Model describes what competences a controller has to bring with in order to be able to perform their tasks successfully.

See above the contribution of the
IGC International Group of Controlling.

Read more about the Controller Competence Model in our
ICV ControllingWiki.

The IGC - International Group of Controlling: Partner of the ICV

The IGC is an international platform for institutions and organizations that see controlling as a core element of sustainable, successful corporate governance. The ICV is a member of the IGC. In the image video, the IGC lets people express their opinions and experiences with the organization.

Partners of the ICV