Green Controlling Award

The Péter Horváth Foundation, in cooperation with the Think Tank at the ICV, annually gives the Green Controlling Award, donated with € 10,000. The award is intended to promote the discussion of controlling with the "green challenge" in companies. The controller or the controller team, which has implemented the most innovative and effective "green" controlling solution for the design and management of ecological strategies, programs, projects and measures in companies and public institutions, is awarded.

Winner 2016: Robert Bosch GmbH and DATEV eG

Under the title "Development of a System for Strategic and Operational Environmental Controlling", Robert Bosch GmbH developed and implemented an integrated management system, which was anchored in all business processes (from company development through management and supporting to value creation). At the same time, the controlling department ensures, strategically and operationally, that economics and ecology are balanced. The Bosch solution demonstrates how the topic of ecology encompasses all functions and all hierarchical levels of the group around the world and is lived by all employees. In particular, the active role of a controller as a "green" business partner becomes clear. The controller plays an important role in the development and implementation of sustainability targets.

As a medium-sized co-operative company, DATEV firmly anchored the company's sustainable business development. The concept "Sustainability check - Leadership Instrument for the Sustainability of Company Management" was awarded. At DATEV the integrative approach is also exemplary and must be regarded as a best practice. The topic of sustainability is fully integrated into the organizational structure as well as in the business processes. Operational implementation and management are performed using a fixed set of key figures. All decisions of the Management Board are also to be evaluated under sustainability aspects. At DATEV, in addition to the environmental reports, which are almost classical, the focus is on the social component.


Winner 2015: Deutsche Telekom AG, VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG and Voith GmbH

At Deutsche Telekom, a management loop was set up in the sense of "green" controlling, in which measures are sharpened and newly prioritized or redefined. The SAP system was already expanded in 2011 to collect ESG data ("Environment, Social, Governance"). The ESG data process was submitted to the financial data process. In addition to the monitoring of the climate protection target, the prerequisite for the integration of ESG KPIs into the annual report was thus created.

At VAUDE, Green Controlling is fully integrated in the company's management process: at all levels and not as a separate system. Operated by an interdisciplinary CSR team and departmental controllers, it supports the triangle of economy, ecology and social issues. Green controlling is used here as a continuous improvement process. The Controlling and Corporate Development departments together with the management have designed and implemented the target system - including the sustainability indicators.

The green controlling solution from Voith is characterized by a continuous combination of a top-down approach and a bottom-up approach. In the top-down, group-wide goals are defined by cross-site analyzes, comparisons with other companies and best practices. The bottom-up approach exploits potential-oriented measures to achieve the group's green targets by analyzing individual locations. The established controlling cycle was transferred from the classic financial controlling to the green controlling.


Winner 2014: STABILO International GmbH & Takata AG

After the double award in 2013, the jury awarded the Green Controlling Award 2014 of the Péter Horváth Foundation to two companies again. Within the framework of the 12th Controlling Competence Stuttgart (CCS) the award was given to STABILO International GmbH and Takata AG.

With its project "Controlling as a Business Partner for Sustainable Corporate Management", STABILO International GmbH defined concrete sustainability targets already in 2009. Controlling’s task was integration of the requirements resulting from these sustainability goals.

The solution concept was able to convince the jury to several innovative aspects. Thus the identification of the employees with the topic of sustainability was promoted by green controlling solution in connection with the sustainability strategy as well as the derivation of goals and measures. The achievements of the sustainability program were made visible by the green controlling solution.

Another Award-winner is Takata AG. This is where the green controlling solution was integrated under the motto "maximize innovation to minimize environmental impact." The role of Takata controlling can be defined as an innovator and driver as well as a "linker" of the existing organizational units. The green controlling solution uses existing resources and infrastructure.

Ecological and economic successes have been achieved: significant energy consumption of 19% was saved. It is noteworthy that these savings were realized with a growth in the production volume by 10%.


Winner 2013: Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH & Volkswagen AG

The Green Controlling Award 2013 of the Péter Horváth Foundation went to two companies for the first time: Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH with its concept "fairport Controlling" and Volkswagen AG with its concept "Think Blue Factory" shared the award, donated with 10,000 Euro. Founder Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Péter Horváth personally took over the award ceremony on November 28, 2013 within the framework of the 11th Controlling Competence Stuttgart.

In addition to the holistic view of the controlling solutions through the integration into the company strategies as well as the definition of clear KPIs, the award-winning concepts convinced especially the jury by their future-oriented care and development, including all employees of the companies, as Professor Horváth explained.

Professor Georg Fundel (Managing Director of Stuttgart Flughafen GmbH) also looked to the future when he accepted the award: "This recognition of our sustainable corporate development by the Péter Horváth Foundation and the International Association of Controllers shows that we are on the right path here , The 'fairport Controlling' contributes decisively to our goal of permanently becoming one of the most powerful and sustainable airports in Europe."

With the "Think Blue. Factory" strategy Volkswagen AG also sees great goals, as Christoph Nieschwietz and Benjamin Boehnke (Group Research Environmental Production Volkswagen AG) presented in their speech following the award ceremony. The goal of the project is to reduce the environmental impacts of the Volkswagen brand by 25% per vehicle by 2018.


Award 2012: Hansgrohe SE

Hansgrohe SE wins the Green Controlling Award 2012 of the Péter Horváth Foundation for its "Green Controlling - Green Profit - Green Future" concept. The founder of the foundation, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Péter Horváth, explained at the award ceremony on 29.11.2012 at the 10th Controlling Competence Stuttgart the most important points which convinced the jury to Hansgrohe SE's submitted concept: Firstly, the initiative for the controlling solution had to be based largely on controllers themselves and to represent a total system coordinated with the company strategy, that manages all environmental activities. And the definition of clear KPIs is necessary. Secondly the concept had to be implemented, maintained and further developed. According to Horváth, "Hansgrohe SE excellently fulfills these requirements”.

Siegfried Gänßlen (CEO of Hansgrohe SE), Dr. Carsten Tessmer (press officer) and Daniel Ette (controlling) were very pleased with the Award. The issue of sustainability is at least as important to Hansgrohe SE as is the topic of innovation. According to Gänßlen, more than 25% of the company's net turnover is already attributable to water and energy-efficient products.

“At Hansgrohe, sustainability is not seen as an expense item but as an opportunity to remain viable," says Gänßlen. Green controlling as a "business partner" plays an essential role in the future.


Winner 2011: Carbon Accountig & Controlling Team, Deutsche Post DHL

The Carbon Accounting & Controlling team at Deutsche Post DHL was awarded with Green Controlling Award on November 24, 2011 within the framework of the Controlling Controlling Stuttgart by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Péter Horváth and Siegfried Gänßlen for their controlling solution as part of the environmental protection program "GoGreen".