2018: Berlin - we are coming !

We have decided: a very interesting merchant of automotive spare-parts from Berlin will be our target company for 2018: AUTODOC 

This company with more than 1.300 employees in Berlin (Germany) and Szczecin (Poland)  intends to strengthen thei controlling - a perfect task for our international work group.

Get-to-know meeting (may 2018)

The meeting started with a great hello to everybody, arriving the evening before. We met in the Skybar of our hotel and enjoyed the summer evening.

summer evening: Berlin from the east
The next morning: from Hotel to AutoDOC warehouse

On Friday morning the participants met at AutoDOC warehouse Berlin. There we had a guided tour through the  warehouse of AutoDOC.

AutoDOC warehouse Berlin
visiting the AutoDOC warehouse in Berlin
Valentin and Robert
visiting the AutoDOC warehouse in Berlin
Jasmina and Jana
visiting the AutoDOC warehouse in Berlin
picking and packing
visiting the AutoDOC warehouse in Berlin
visiting the AutoDOC warehouse in Berlin
Romina is very interested in the processes
visiting the AutoDOC warehouse in Berlin
Transport units are waiting for going to all over Europe

Then, after lunch, we had the plenum meeting to learn to know each other and our guest-giver AutoDOC

Starting in the afternoon with the plenum
then team work:
Team 1: B2B
Team 2 - already without Emilia
Team 2: Logistics
Andrei (Berlin) and Emilia (Szczecin)
Team 3: Controlling
Anna and Vitalij
Team 3: Controlling
Team 4: Purchasing
Team 4: Purchasing

For dinner we have been invited to a well known restaurant in the heart of Berlin at the Potsdamer Platz

fine dinner with Edyta, Yuri, Alexei and Herwig
Saturday evening some of us visited the Reichstag and afterwards we had a beer in a Biergarten nearby.

During the next months the 4 teams met at least monthly via Skype, some even more (one team had a personel meeting in Budapest) to work on their topics. 

In July Herwig visited Emilia in Szczecin to have a look at the new AutoDOC-warehouse

new warehouse in Szczecin

Exchange meeting in Vienna (September 2018)

The ICV-collegues met end of september in Vienna to present the actual results, to learn the results of the other teams, to give advices, hints; the four topics are very much interwoven...

It was a short, but hard working saturday without any social activities...

Results-workshop (november 2018), Berlin

The 4 teams presented discussed finally their results and generated a presentation.

Jasmina: waitung for the start
Borut, Jana and Karol
Walter presents the Vienna-results
Anna and Jana
Romina and Karol
table is full
more than 30 "workers" are attending

Saturday morning: the four teams presented thei results in attendance of the owners of AutoDOC. Of course, we cannot report the results of our work. But we have given to the owners so many ideas, recommendations etc. that they have been really satisfied.

Team 2: Logistics
Borut explaining
Team 2: Andrei sees the need of a further warehouse in near future
Team 2: Herwig explains logistics depend of future sales
Team 3: Controlling
Manfred Grotheer, CFO, is talking about the future changes in Controlling-area
Team 4: purchases
Team 4: being happy in the end
It has been a great experience to work together and to have fulfilled the expectations of the owners of AutoDOC


It was an inspiring and extremely collegial collaboration with the ICV's international work group, which resulted in numerous valuable pointers for the further development of our strategy, processes and our controlling systems.


Alexej Erdle

(Executive Partner)