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ICV expert work group „Future of Work“

Digitization or technological progress, increasing competitive pressure are transforming the companies’ environment. Accordingly, the organization and processes of companies adapt. Analytical company areas such as controlling are not excluded. On the one hand, there are fields of activity that are omitted thanks to automation. On the other hand, the increased use of algorithms and artificial intelligence leads to changes in remaining tasks or creates new tasks.

Launched in the fall of 2018, this ICV expert work group focuses on the implications of key aspects of the future of work, such as increased autonomy in decision-making, the proliferation of agile methods, and changes in workflows and content driven by digitization and automation.
First of all, we start with the question of what the relevant aspects in the context of "future of work" are for controlling and what this specifically means for controlling in the future. In doing so, we will certainly also discuss questions regarding the future role model and necessary competences of controllers. In order to successfully shape the changes in the future of work in controlling, the expert work group identified the right basic attitude of the controller - you could also say „mindset” - as a relevant success factor. Therefore, we also work on the question of how freedom can be created in controlling, which makes it possible to work sustainably on improvements in the context of "future of work".


Head of the Work Group

Dr. Rüdiger Eichin
+49 62277-40607

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