Controlling and Quality

The expert work group „Controlling & Quality“ is a joint expert work group of the International Association of Controllers (ICV) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität (DGQ).

Self-understanding of the expert work group:

As an expert work group of the International Association of Controllers, it is the primary goal of the expert work group to create new solutions for company management, with particular regard to the aspects of quality management.

Recognizing that quality management and controlling are operational functions that originally had different objectives, but in the course of time both have developed as service functions for the management, coordination of these functions is required. The methods of quality management and the methods of controlling are different, but both functions claim to provide decision support for the top management in order to ensure sustainable company success.

The expert work group considers important economic trends from the angles of quality management and controlling and develops new methods that can be used for both functions. In this way, the redundancy of the two functions within the framework of the company management is reduced or eliminated.

At the same time, the communication of the "controller community" and the "quality management community" is established and deepened. Through the results of the expert work group a mutual understanding is to be established and the active cooperation in the company is promoted. The results of the expert work group are also intended to provide concrete support for the daily business of the operating quality managers and controllers.

Current events

Current events