Welcome at the ICV expert work group BI / Big Data and Controlling


Digitalization is becoming the central driver of information processing. The controller as an essential creator of information supply in the company is particularly affected by the impact.

If the controllers want to fulfill their role as business partners of the management, they must be able to assess the current trends and to classify them into the existing method apparatus. The core processes of planning, management and control need to be reconsidered with regard to the new possibilities.

Digitalization creates undoubtedly new opportunities for information provision. But this does not happen in the open countryside. Controlling brings many years of experience with business intelligence procedures. How does the BI world change in the light of big data? Where are the responsibilities? Which know-how is needed?

The expert work group has set itself the task of systematizing and analyzing the manifold approaches and to develop recommendations for practical use. The controlling processes and the interaction with established tools are central parameters for us.

Wir widmen uns u.a. folgenden Fragen: 

  • Welche Methoden haben sich bewährt? Wo entwickelt sich "Best Practice"? Gibt es innovative, noch weniger bekannte Methoden, die Nutzen für das Controlling versprechen? 
  • Welche Einflüsse hat Big Data auf das Controlling? Wie ändern sich die Werkzeuge durch Digitalisierung. Die Arbeitskreisleiter sind aktiv bei Neuausgestaltungen von Controlling-Konzepten durch den ICV involviert (u.a. Konzeptpapier zur Modernen Wertorientierung). 
  • Welche Kompetenzen muss das Controlling / das Unternehmen aufbauen? Wann wird externe Unterstützung benötigt, wann lohnt sich die Einstellung u.a. von Data Scientisten? 
  • Welche Architektur ist geeignet? Wird noch ein klassisches Data Warehouse benötigt? Welche Infrastruktur wird von neuen Methoden der Digitalisierung gefordert? 
  • Welche Organisation bietet sich an? Wo und wie helfen Compentence-Center? Welche Aufgaben muss das Controlling bzw. die IT übernehmen? 
  • Wo liegt der ideale Einstieg in die Thematik? Anhand von Reifegrad-Modellen werden Ansätze für den Einstieg erarbeitet.

On the initiative of Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Seufert launched the ICV digitization offensive in 2017. It deals in particular with the question of how digitization influences and changes the image of the controller and the future understanding of controlling. In Webinars and Business Innovation Labs, but also in a study, the participants can use their experiences and opinions to contribute actively to the role interpretation of the future professional image of the controller. To the details of the ICV digitization offensive.

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners of the expert work group are Institut für Business Intelligence (I-BI) of the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin as well as the Business Innovation Lab der Hochschule Ludwigshafen.

The expert work group

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Andreas Seufert and Ralph Treitz, the newly established BI / Big Data and Controlling expert work group started its work at the beginning of 2016.

He is supported by a team of scientists and practitioners - the team is still developing.

With our work, we would like to generate inspiration and ideas for an innovative further development of controlling and inform you regularly about trends and new developments.

We are looking forward to a cooperation full of ideas with all members of the ICV and controlling-interested parties.

Our goals

The expert work group BI / Big Data and Controlling systematically monitors the relevant controlling environment in order to identify important trends at an early stage.

The focus of our work is set on the areas of information and digitization.

The overall goal is the development of the leading role for ICV in the BI / Big Data and Controlling field.

This competence is to be understood internally, meaning at the ICV, but also externally, meaning visible to the public.

In order to achieve this goal, the expert group qualifies as the central point of contact and specialist spearhead of the International Association of Controllers for the area "BI / Big Data and Controlling". In addition, the expert work group BI / Big Data and Controlling is the interface of the ICV to institutions such as BARC, TDWI, Controller Akademie.

Our way of working

The expert work group is organized as a network. Core of the work group are selected core partners, who can be supplemented by associate partners. The partners are users and suppliers of well-known multinational companies as well as scientists. We are active in empirical and theoretical research and contribute to the work in the work group.