Inflation, War, Covid: Securing and managing results in the Perfect Storm

ICV Live Webinar with the Vorarlberg/Dreiländereck Work Group

In 2022, the automotive sector is in crisis mode for the third year. In addition to Covid and the semiconductor crisis that has been ongoing since 2021, the consequences of geopolitical crises, broken supply chains, acute energy shortages and inflation that has not been seen in decades have to be overcome. As a leading technology group and one of the world's largest automotive suppliers, how does the ZF Group deal with this? What measures does ZF use to recognize and control the effects of the multiple crises? How successful was the company in securing earnings and liquidity? These questions are the focus of Ulf Loleit's lecture.

The speaker

Ulf Loleit joined the ZF Group in November 2019 as Head of Corporate Finance and also headed the global corona crisis task force in 2020. Since April 2021 he has been responsible not only for Corporate Finance but also for Corporate Controlling. Before moving to ZF, he worked for the BASF Group for more than 20 years, including as regional CFO for Asia-Pacific and most recently as corporate treasurer.

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