ICV Live Webinar IN GERMAN: The Future of Finance - The future in finance is agile?!

Retaking of the successful premiere on May 16, 2021

When companies establish agile methodologies and mindsets across the organization, one of the biggest challenges is changing the way finance and controlling departments work.

But even without company-wide transformation, it makes sense to take a closer look at the topic of agility from a finance point of view.

  • How is “agile” currently being discussed in controlling?
  • Why are current (management) methods failing in finance?
  • How does complexity change the way we work?
  • What is “agile” and how can it help?
  • How can finance departments reinvent themselves and become real business partners?
  • Which competencies does a controller / CFO need in an agile context?
  • Experience report from the ICV expert work group Agile Controlling

The ICV Live Webinar will be moderated by ICV Board Member Markus Steiner



Marie-Luise Lehmann

She is the founder of Finance Goes Agile and heads the expert work group “Agile Controlling” for the ICV. She has many years of experience as a manager in controlling and specializes in agile planning and management processes. She advises finance departments and agile practitioners on the transformation of corporate finance and is a lecturer in agile finance at the HS Luzern.

Contact: marie-luise{bei}financegoesagile.com


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Egle

He is Professor of Controlling and Digital Transformation at the Institute for Financial Services Zug IFZ of the Lucerne School of Business and heads the ICV expert work group “Agile Controlling”. In spring 2020 he started with the Podcast "Finance Excellence".

Contact: ulrich.egle{bei}hslu.ch