Organizational Resilience / How we master crises and emerge stronger from them (webinar in GERMAN)

As part of the webinar, the topic of resilience will be presented using several practical examples, also in contrast to other approaches such as Risk Management and Business Continuity Management. The speaker Frank Ahlrichs also relies on interactivity: He will discuss with the participants their methodological approaches during the pandemic.

The speaker

Frank Ahlrichs is the Managing Director of konsequent. Management Services GmbH and specialist in process management, controlling and innovation management. He has worked in various companies on interim and project assignments for over 20 years. He is also certified an agile coach (SAFe Program Consultant). He heads the joint expert work group “Controlling & Quality” of the ICV and the DGQ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität) and is actively involved in other work groups. He is also a lecturer for process and project controlling and the author of various specialist articles and books.

The Co-Speaker

Holger Hildebrand is a Managing Director of Alcore.Lab, St. Petersburg, Russia, and has been a freelance management consultant and interim manager since 2021. Before that, he was, among others, a commercial director of joint ventures in the areas of energy technology and corporate communications, as well as commercial director for shared services IT services in Latin America and for mobile communications for Eastern Europe (sales and regional management). From 1999 to 2020 Hildebrand worked as a commercial clerk at Siemens.

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