Fashion offers, real needs and the focus on customer value

Fluctuating revenue - how do I keep my costs under control using the example of a nursing home?

- Leadership - What information do I need
- Leverage - What costs and revenues can I meaningfully influence
- Flexible job budget - What do I have to consider
- Administrative simplifications - savings without reducing customer benefit

Andre Kuster
Head of Accounting /Controlling
Heime Uster

3 questions to Andre Kuster

The Heime Uster look back on a tradition of more than 100 years. Today, you have a full range of housing options including care centers, a dormitory, a retirement home, protected departments for people with dementia, temporary wards, holiday stays and rehearsal dwellings. What does the controller say about this broad offer?

Kuster: The wide range is tailored to the needs of our customers, the residents. Of course, the occupancy figures have to be checked regularly in order to optimize the offer. You should distinguish between "fashion offers" that you just should have, and the real needs. This happened in early 2018 and brought the desired improvements. Therefore, as a controller I am very satisfied with this offer.

What is your most important controlling tool at Heimer Uster?

Kuster: From an electronic point of view, we usually work with Excel files compiled individually to our needs, supported by the home software Domis. However, for me as a controller, regular information about the current course and new projects is just as important. Numbers alone do not help, you have to be able to bring the numbers together with the processes and future projects.

What can controllers "take home" from your speech at the Health Care Conference?

Kuster: Various information on how to positively influence one's own results in difficult times in a pragmatic way. As well as suggestions on how to reduce the sometimes unnecessary administrative effort, without limiting customer benefit.

About Andre Kuster

  • 90s business studies,
  • 2008 MAS Controlling
  • 2002-2006 Head of Controlling at the Globus Warenhäuser
  • Since 2006 at the Heime Uster as Head of Accounting / Controlling
    • Responsible for controlling, accounting, administration and computer science.
    • Since 2015 responsible for quality management (ISO certified)
  • Parallel to this since 2014 owner of the consulting company Kuster-Controlling with a focus on healthcare

About Heime Uster


The Heime Uster are a project of the city of Uster and include two care centers (Dietenrain and Im Grund), a retirement home and a dormitory, which provide a home to a total of 251 mostly elderly and dependent people. This includes two protected departments for people with dementia. Around 350 employees look after the residents, 55 of whom are apprentices or trainees. Sales amount to around CHF 30 million per year.