International Controlling Conference Croatia

7th ICCC - International Controlling Conference in Croatia

Efficiency and beyond


November 15, 2019, Zagreb, hotel Westin


Organizers:  Consulting company Kontroling Kognosko and Lider business magazine
Contact:; info{bei}
Patron: ICV Internationaler Controller Verein  
Participants:  200 -250


About the conference

Under the auspices of ICV –Internationaler Controller Verein (International Association of Controllers), Consulting company Kontroling Kognosko and Lider business magazine are organizing the biggest controlling event in Croatia: “Efficiency and beyond”.

Now is the time of global competitiveness, and the only ones who will survive are those who are able to take the maximum, both for themselves and for their buyers. The ideal ratio between quality and price is the essential first step towards a successful result in free market conditions.

Only those who offer quality at acceptable price will, in the longer term, pass the first test on the global market. But much more is required in order to reach the final goal -the right strategy, innovation and the capacity to manufacture goods or services at a cost which will ensure the achievement of a good business result. The secret lies in the balance between productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. It cannot be ensured without a well-developed controlling function.

We are expecting yet another outstanding event in the field of controlling which will offer many practical examples. Mark this event in your calendars and do not miss the largest gathering of managers and controllers in Croatia, and the whole region.

What topics will the conference cover?

  • What kind of environment will there be in the next decade and what is expected of controlling in this period?
  • Path of development to efficiency – examples of two companies
  • How to build a team system that is devoted to a common idea
  • What is more important: productivity, efficiency or effectiveness?
  • A view into the internal software solution which leads to efficiency
  • For the first time at the conference: controlling in a Croatian hospital
  • Statistics is in again – the unduly neglected golden tool of good controlling analyses
  • What must the managers and controllers know about the latest news in IFRS?

The aim of the conference        

This year we are going to deal with the traditional, but, at the same time, the current issue of efficiency. At the time of global connectedness, where every supplier can reach any buyer and every buyer can find the right merchandize in any part of the world, only those who are the most efficient will be successful.

Global competitiveness is the hot topic, not just in Croatia, but all over the world. Margins are getting lower; the offer is wider each day and the era of fat cows belongs to the past.

The aim of the conference is to show through examples from Croatia and abroad how to attain balance between productivity, efficiency and efficacy, and to what extent controlling can contribute in this process.

From the contents        

As every year, the participants will have the opportunity of hearing two international controlling experts (from Controller Akademie and WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management). They will talk about the newest trends and the world's topics. Among our guests will be executive directors from Heineken and Stiebel Eltron and they will talk about management challenges supported by controlling.

The two conference stars are the first Head of Controlling in a Croatian hospital and a very popular Croatian mathematician (Algebra). We also believe that the presentation on the internal model for efficiency monitoring will be extremely interesting to all participants. One of the best Croatian trainers for MSFI and HSFI will update us on the news which we cannot afford to miss (Deloitte).

What are the key benefits for participants?   

This is the opportunity for all the participants to see and hear the latest achievements in the field of company and organization management. Significant and fast changes on the market force companies to arm themselves accordingly with information which will enable them to adapt to changes and deal with the growing competition. To follow-up on the others, to find out about their solutions and their ways of managing has become an obligation, not just a possibility. Every year, this conference brings numerous examples from the global practice.

Who is the conference aimed for?        

Company owners; top managers; sales, marketing, purchasing, production managers; all levels of controllers; analysts; planners; accounting and financial managers; IT experts who work on business solutions as support to controlling (BI, DW, planning).

Official languages          Croatian and English (simultaneous translation will be provided).

Download the conference flyer

The 6th International Conference on Controlling  (ICCC) was held on November 15 in Zagreb and gathered more than 200 participants from the entire region. It was for sure the largest gathering on controlling in 2018 in Croatia, organized by consulting company Kontroling Kognosko and business magazine Lider. The International Association of Controllers was the partner of the event.

The title was: “Controlling – Where the Difference Makes a Difference” and the event focused on:

  • What are the aspects of different controlling tools
  • How to discover the perfect formular for controlling and the company as a whole
  • How controlling can help create diversity within the company
  • What are the newest achievements in the field of company and organization management
  • How to successfully beat the growing competition

The keynote was Mr. Rolf Hichert.

Presentations from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia demonstrated how controlling can initiate different, better and more advanced quality changes within a company.

Lectures were held in Croatian and English with simultaneous translation.