#DigitalControllingICV: ICV Controlling Barcamp

Have you ever been to a barcamp? A young, "different" event format, which has long been enthusiasticly approved especially on the marketing, IT and start-up scene and is now experiencing its debut in the controlling community.
The International Association of Controllers (ICV), supported by the #openspace, the Commerzbank's Digital Innovation Hub, invites in cooperation with the CA Akademie AG to the

1st ICV Controlling Barcamp
on Saturday, June 24, 2017 in Berlin.

It stands under the motto „Young Controllers in Times of Digitalization“. 
What is a barcamp? – Each participant can contribute to the event with their  topic, their know-how, questions and wishes as a potential speaker or session provider. The guests make a decision on what is finally on the program.

We offer you 3 high-quality keynotes as well as rooms and catering for a controlling conference in an innovative format: interaction, networking, transfer of know-how, exchange of opinions and experiences of an interested / expert community with lots of fun and "at eye level".





On May 12, 2018 the International Association of Controllers (ICV) invites for the second time for its "ICV Controlling Barcamp", supported by the main sponsor Deutsche Bahn AG.

After the great premiere in June 2017 in the #openspace Berlin with our cooperation partner CA controller akademie this time we are quests in the Social Impact Lab Leipzig, the incubator for young entrepreneurs & socially innovative startups.

What’s characteristic for a barcamp? Innovative format, "cool location", each participant can bring in with their topic / their questions as a potential speaker or session giver, the participants largely determine content and process themselves, high fun factor, interaction, networking, know-how transfer, exchange of opinions and experiences in an interested / expert community "at the eye level".

The "ControllingFuture FitnessCamp 2018" provides orientation with cutting-edge topics for controlling professionals in turbulent times of digitalization:

  • challenges to controlling (corporate management, business model innovations)
  • current & future desired controller competences (career / development paths in controlling)
  • controlling in startups etc.

In his keynote speech, Jens Ropers from the CA controller akademie explains "how controllers prepare for the VUCA world to avoid their personal Waterloo". We offer Barcamp participants the opportunity for individual, professionally guided speed coaching throughout the day.

Also in 2018 there will be a BarcampApp sponsored by LINEUPR, with comprehensive, up-to-date event information and, of course, ongoing session suggestions. Download here: https://lineupr.com/icv/controlling-barcamp-2018

The physical well-being is taken care of. We surprise you with a young caterer from the environment of the Social Impact Lab Leipzig.


How do I get to the event by public transport and what about parking lots?

By public transport from the main station by tram 14 to "Karl-Heine / Gießerstraβe" or by Tram 3 to "Elster Passage". By car: plan some time for finding a parking place! Parking is not available directly at the Social Impact Lab.

How can I contact the organizer if I have questions?

Please send an e-mail to: verein(at)icv-controlling.com

Do you have some accommodation tips?

The Commundo-Tagungshotel Leipzig is just a 7-minute walk from the Social Impact Lab (with parking garage and tram stop line 3 on the doorstep). By 10.03.2018 we have reserved there a small contingent of single rooms for the night of May 11-12. Please inquire if necessary!

Download the ICV Controlling Barcamp APP: https://lineupr.com/icv/controlling-barcamp-2018

Info & tickets to the ICV Controlling Barcamp 2018 via EVENTBRITE HERE.

We are looking for sponsors in different categories. Help us! SPONSOR INFORMATION (German PDF)


Premiere has what it takes to be "wellness day for the controller soul"

On the evening of June 24, when the last guests of the #openspace Berlin said goodbye, we could not do anything else: We – the ICV Board member Matthias von Daacke, CA coach Martin Hauser and me from the ICV Team PR / New Media – with a cold beer celebrated the just finished ICV Controlling Barcamp. An exciting barcamp with nearly 80 highly satisfied participants and challenging months of work were now behind us, the Orga-Team. Spontaneous praise had been already abundantly given: In the Barcamp app a participant wrote: "Wellness day for the controller soul! Informative and very informal!". In his final speech, Joachim Köhler, co-founder and COO #openspace Berlin, had even declared: "Congratulations to the ICV for placing itself at the forefront of the Barcamp movement in controlling!"

As a co-initiator and organizer of the 1st ICV Controlling Barcamp, I am satisfied with our premiere: a content-oriented controlling conference in a new format for our sector. In recent months, we have been repeatedly asked to explain what is actually a barcamp, and to dispel doubts that such a "chaotic format" would fit well for IT or marketing people, but not for controlling experts. For example, we had thought up a hybrid solution for our premiere: combining three familiar keynotes with a completely new one, three times three freely chosen sessions. The whole barcamp day was oversized by speed coaching: Katrin and Lothar Kuhls led 11 discussions with young professionals. As the overwhelmingly positive response to our event shows, our hybrid barcamp solution has developed very well.

Surely all three opening lectures focused on the Barcamp theme "Young Controllers in Times of Digitization". The start was made by Dr. Felix Kreyer, director of e-commerce at Marc O'Polo. In his lecture "Digitization & Business Model Innovations", he showed the decisive consequences of the rapid digitization with the example of the fashion industry. Examples of everyday reality underlined: We are moving on unknown terrain and this also has an impact on controlling domains such as resource, project and budget planning.

The keynote of Dr. Jörg Engelbergs, Vice President of Controlling, Zalando SE, Member of the ICV Board of Trustees pointed out in his lecture, that "Agile Reporting in the Digital Economy", that what makes a big challange is not making data available, but a standardized, clean reporting landscape. Engelsberg, who is also responsible for the new "Start up Controlling" work group at the International Association of Controllers (ICV), later co-chaired with Jannis Friedag a barcamp session focusing on the challenges of controlling at start ups.

In the third keynote, Danny Szajnowicz, partner, trainer and business consultant, CA controller akademie, addressed controller skills that are now looked for and will be as well looked for in the future and the ways of making a "career in controlling" in the age of digitization. Two core messages of his gripping lecture: "In digitization we need a new controlling culture" and "The controller of the future has a much wider range of tasks and needs new competencies."

We as organizers, as well as Barcamp visitors, were very enthusiastic about session planning. Our hopes were not disappointed: Eleven applicants from the circle of participants presented themselves and their proposals in a short presentation session. From this, and after voting in the plenum, a varied and content-rich session plan was developed. The visitors could immediately find this plan in their Barcamp-App.

Every Barcamp visitor had to struggle and choose his favorites from the wide offer. I participated in the sessions "Gender & Finance" with Monika Freimuth, "Seeing data - understanding data" with Dr. Konstantin Greger as well as "Between Balanced Scorecard and pot hitting - Gamification in Controlling" with Avo Schönbohm. All three were highly interesting and gave suggestions for further study of these exciting topics. My highlight was probably the "pot hitting" - an inspiring impulse with lively discussions.

Our Barcamp found the right mix and picked up the full speed. At the end of the three times three sessions we met again for the final keynote by Joachim Köhler, COO and co-founder of our location sponsor #openspace, again in plenum. He impressed us with his report how digitization is “made” in Commerzbank's #openspace, business models are fundamentally newly digitally aligned. Afterwards, all nine session giver presented their results in the flash.

The echo of the nearly 80 participants, 68 had bought a ticket and more than half of them were from foreign places - from Hamburg to Bavaria - and our Barcamp premiere is overwhelming. Joachim Köhler from the #openspace had remarked appreciatively in his final words: "Congratulations to the ICV for placing itself at the forefront of the Barcamp movement in controlling!"


In our Barcamp-app we asked for feedback and personal highlights. The diverse, exclusively positive responses sound like music for our team:

  • "Wonderful topics, exciting wit, great conversations and impulses! OpenSpace class location!
  • "Impulse lectures and coaching"
  • "It was the overall composition of the topics. Many Thanks. I would like to see such an event also in HH. Also the price was very fair. "
  • "Lecture Danny S. from the CA, super network opportunity"
  • "the mood and ambience"
  • "Final speech by Joachim"
  • „Networking and Start up Controlling-Session“
  • „Break out-sessions“
  • „Gamification Session and speech of Zalando“
  • "Joachim Köhler - emotional, professional, session visualization - very informative, overall very nice event"
  • "Talks with controllers from eCommerce / start up area"
  • "No concrete. Rather a combination of location, participants, lectures, topics, mood and organization!"
  • "The outlook on the job controller and which competencies will be needed in the future"
  • "Keynote by Jörg Engelberg"
  • "Opening lecture Controller Competence of D. Szajnowicz"...
  • But my personal favorite among the statements is this: "Everything! Wellness day for the controller soul!!! Informative and very informal!!"
  • Also in e-mail much recognition reaches us. Michael Graßmann, research associate, doctoral student of the TU Dresden, Chair of Business Accounting and Controlling, wrote to us with great praise: "Great impulses, exciting discussions in the sessions as well as excellent possibilities for networking in the startup atmosphere. For me, the 1st ICV Barcamp is already the unconference of the year!"
  • Stephanie says in her e-mail: "The Barcamp was a great event. Thanks again for the orientation. More such events, because in times of digitization and websessions, it is nevertheless the personal meetings that have the higher added value.” And then: "The second ticket was for my husband, a key account manager and not a controller. And he also found the lectures and talks exciting and stimulating. Because it fits: #controllingcamp17 in the #openspace = open-minded controlling. "
  • Franziska twittered: "#controllingcamp17 Thank you for the great organization! It was a lot of fun and cared especially for the exchange! Until next year!"
  • Lothar Kuhls: "It was really great on Saturday. The mood was great. "With his wife Katrin he talked with eleven coachees. "It's just great that everyone is always taking something with them. We're quite sure. "
  • Martin mailed us: "I had a lot of insights for the design of controlling in our start up and could network well. The Barcamp is a wonderful addition to the existing event landscape. Thank you, ICV! "
  • The last word should have the ICV Board Member Matthias von Daacke, who had worked on the project: "Great location, great lectures, great atmosphere! That was controlling with a high fun factor and many good inputs. Many thanks also to the diligent helpers!"

Next to our helpers many thanks also to our sponsors who have made the 1st ICV Controlling Barcamp possible:

Pictures will be taken during the event. By registering, you agree to the use and publication of such recordings for the purpose of public documentation of the event and work of the ICV, e.g. on the website and the ICV channels in the social media or in other publications of the ICV.

Please inform the photographer directly if you do not want to pictures of yourself.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the agenda on a given occasion.

Cancellation of an ICV Event by the ICV: Already paid event fees are reimbursed by the ICV. Other costs incurred due to our cancellation (e.g. hotel fees, travel costs, cancellation fees) cannot be compensated. Travel expenses can be credited to other ICV events to reasonable extent.

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