CIS Controlling Insights Steyr - archive of agendas

CIS Controlling Insights Steyr - Programm 2019

CIS Controlling Insights Steyr - agenda 2019

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Heimo Losbichler
Chairman of the ICV Board
Chariman of the IGC
Program Director CRF - Controlling, Accounting and Financial Management, FH Upper Austria, Faculty of Economics and Management, Steyr

  • Digitization, e-mobility, mobility as a service, trade barriers - the automotive industry in transition
  • Planning uncertainty, quantity and cost pressures as constant companions
  • Polytec's controlling activities to meet the challenges

Dkfm. Peter Haidenek
CFO and Member of the Board
Polytec Holding AG

  • An overview of the Bosch Grow platform
  • Balancing act in controlling between the requirements of a large company and the wishes of different start-ups
  • The role of the controller

Judith Schwarz
Commercial Responsibility (GROW/COR)
grow platform GmbH

with possibility to visit the exhibitor’s area

  • The importance of M&A and the right balance of organic growth and M&A
  • The reasons why M&A deals fail
  • Overview and success factors of the Heineken M&A process
  • The role of controllers, illustrated by a case study

Luc van Haastrecht MSc
Brau Union Österreich AG

  • Visual Analytics - challenges in reporting large volumes of data
  • Interactive visualizations as keys?
  • Radial Visualizations for Big Data - hype or flop?
  • New research findings, design recommendations

FH-Prof. Mag. DI Peter Hofer
Professor for Controlling
FH OÖ Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Management

with possibility to visit the exhibitor’s area

  • Job cutting vs. intelligent automation
  • Change task distribution human <-> machine
  • Does outsourcing make sense in the long run?
  • Project experience and outlook

Mag. Klaus Schatz MSc
Partner IT Advisory
CIO Advisory
KPMG Advisory GmbH


Digitization as job killer - medial specter or reality?

Moderation: Mag. Sigrid BrandstätterOberösterreichische Nachrichten 
Mag. Klaus Schatz MScKPMG Advisory GmbH
Mag. Ulrike Steiner, Schulmeister Management Consulting
FH-Prof. DI Dr. Heimo Losbichler, Chairman of the ICV



with possibility to visit the exhibitor’s area


  • Transformation from drive technology to electric vehicle
  • Role expansion from car manufacturer to mobility provider
  • Effects on controlling and controllers
  • Adaptation of the controlling instruments

Dr. Dietmar Voggenreiter
Senior Advisor
Horváth & Partners

With unwavering will Wolfgang Fasching realized his dreams. He won the Race Across America three times, entered the 7 summits and was the first person to drive 10,000 km non-stop through Russia from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg. In his speeches Wolfgang Fasching infects with enthusiasm and shows the power of positive thinking.

Wolfgang Fasching
Extreme athlete and motivation expert

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Heimo Losbichler
Chairman of the ICV Board
Chariman of the IGC
Program Director CRF - Controlling, Accounting and Financial Management, FH Upper Austria, Faculty of Economics and Management, Steyr


Heineken beer finale

CIS Controlling Insights Steyr - agenda 2018

FH-Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler
Chairman of the Board ICV
Chairman of the IGC
Program Director for Controlling, Accounting and Financial Management (CRF), FH Oberösterreich, Faculty of Management, Steyr

  • Milestones of development
  • Local value creation as a success factor
  • Controlling at Palfinger
  • Digital transformation

Ing. Andreas Klauser
Palfinger Bergheim

  • Process mining - how business processes really work in the company
  • Number, causes and effects of process variants
  • Experiences of voestalpine with Celonis

chance to visit the exhibitors

  • An overview of strategic challenges
  • Future Finance - project overview (process & result)
  • Example - planning process

Johann Lechner
Head of Group Finance
Porsche Holding GmbH, Salzburg

  • How Hilti develops its finance agenda for the years ahead
  • Where Hilti sees the driving forces landscape
  • Our key themes paving the way ahead

Felix Hess
Executive vice president global finance Hilti Group
Hilti AG, Schaan, Lichtenstein

chance to visit the exhibitors

  • The winning solution at a glance
  • Positive and (!) negative experiences from the finance transformation in the Bosch Group
  • Involvement of employees, fears, expectations - how does change succeed?

Oliver Seitz
kfm. Director Finance and Controlling Area Powertrain Solutions
Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart

Mag. Susanne Dickstein, Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, in an interview with Peter Rathmayr, Agency Head, Google Austria GmbH, Wien

chance to visit the exhibitors

  • Key points of the transformation process
  • The Digital Board Room as Single Source of Truth
  • Cooperation between the departments Enterprise Analytics - Controlling
  • Experiences

Rouven Morato
Head of Enterprise Analytics
SAP SE, Walldorf

  • Successful corporate governance in the VUCA world?
  • 4 first steps to avoid your Waterloo
  • The controller as a change agent?
  • The most important controller competencies for tomorrow

Jens Ropers
Trainer and Partner
CA Controller Akademie, Wörthsee

FH-Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler

Heineken Beer finale

CIS Controlling Insights Steyr - agenda 2017

FH-Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler
Deputy Chairman of the ICV
Chairman of the IGC
Program Director CRF - Controlling, Accounting and Financial Management, FH Upper Austria, Faculty of Management, Steyr

  • New challenges in the digital environment
  • Motorsport: Tension emotions to the return
  • Reporting requirements with increasing mobility

Mag. Viktor Sigl
MBA, Chairman of the Board
KTM AG, Mattighofen

  • Integrative planning tool as a prerequisite for better plan quality
  • Supporting the planning process with an intelligent system
  • Shortening the planning phase and reducing complexity
  • Lessons Learned - the project experience of Zumtobel Group AG

Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH) Holger Schnabel
Vice President Corporate Controlling, Insurance & Risk Management

Yasmin Camara
Project Manager Corporate Controlling

Zumtobel Group AG, Dornbirn    

with the possibility to visit the exhibitor forum

  • Key elements of strategic planning and budgeting
  • Key figures and reporting
  • Organization and responsibility
  • The role of the CFO

Dr. Franz Semmernegg
Chairman of the Board
Kapsch BusinessCom AG, Wien

  • Initial situation: utilization, earnings situation and expectations
  • Problem: Company interest and participation
  • Planning from the perspective of the "Centralist"
  • Implementation and current status: measurable success, neutrality or failure

Thomas Röttgen
Chief Financial Officer
MAN Truck & Bus Österreich GesmbH, Steyr

with possibility to visit the exhibitor forum

  • How fast do digital companies really manage?
  • How much data do leading companies have today?
  • Predictive Analytics - Demand and Reality
  • Consequences for controlling in traditional companies

Jannis Friedag
Head of Controlling and Analytics
Mister Spex, Berlin

Controlling and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation

  • VACE report on successful implementation
  • Liability issues for controllers and managing directors
  • Big Data vs. Data protection - what is still possible or not allowed in controlling from May 2018?
  • Technical and organizational requirements of the EU GDPR

Mag. Andreas Obermüller
Managing Director at VACE Group

talks to
Mag. Susanne Dickstein
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

with possibility to visit the exhibitor forum

  • Building key components of the employee competence
  • Introduction of new financial "tools"
  • Systemic and content-related expansion of the horizon, the importance of cross-divisional networking
  • Business Analytics and Data Science - the Crux with the raw material data

Matthias Frank
Head of Business Analytics, Bewertung Volumen/Devisen
Audi AG, Ingolstadt    

Benedikt Böhm has successfully developed the brand Dynafit  as a global market leader from insolvency. In his "second life" he is an extreme ski mountaineer and climbs 8,000 not only without oxygen and foreign aid, but with uncompromising speed to minimize his risk in the death zone.

In his lectures, he carries his audience into an unimaginable, breathtaking mountain world and, like no other, builds the bridge to the business world. This has made him a TV guest, testimonial and speaker in demand.

Benedikt Böhm
Managing Director Dynafit and extreme ski mountaineer
Dynafit, Oberalp    

FH-Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler

and Heineken Beer Finale

CIS Controlling Insights Steyr - agenda 2016

FH-Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler
Deputy Head of the ICV Board
President of the IGC
Head of the studies CRF - Controlling, accountancy and finance management, FH Oberösterreich, Fakultät für Management, Steyr

  • long-term nature, scope and irreversibility of decisions on location
  • impact on the future cost and revenue structures and competitiveness
  • dealing with uncertainty - to discover and control key risks
  • planning investitions and decision process of AMAG

Mag. Gerald Mayer
Finance Board Member
AMAG Austria Metall AG, Ranshofen

  • particular challenges in the control of a federal state
  • equitable distribution versus future-oriented priorities
  • debt versus sustainability
  • finance versus entrepreneurial accounting
  • What is success?
  • The key metrics for measuring success in Upper Austria

Governor Dr. Josef Pühringer

possibility to visit the exhibitors

- Implementing a life cycle-based management

  • Merging two controlling perspectives
  • Decision-oriented business cases as a central management tool
  • Requirements for processes, organization and IT - ... and the "mindset" of all who are involved
  • Possibilities and limitations - specific evidence from operational practice of BMW

Diplom-Kaufmann Dr. Jörg Kemminer

Head of Finance and Compliance
BMW Motoren GmbH, Steyr

  • Strategic planning in competitive markets
  • Conceptual foundations of strategic planning at Daimler
  • Content, process, organization and selected methods of strategic planning at Daimler
  • Strategic challenges in the automotive industry

Peter Thamm
Head of Price Management and Control
Daimler AG, Stuttgart

possibility to visit the exhibitors

  • From the short-term cash optimization to integral contribution to corporate management
  • Working Capital Reporting and metrics of delfortgroup
  • Potential trade-offs: Result vs. Working Capital
  • Specific control measures and sustainable success

Dipl. Ing. Roland Faihs
Board Finance, Production & Technic
delfortgroup, Traun

"The digital transformation and challenges of new business models - What is hype, what is reality?"

Mag. Susanne Dickstein
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten


  • Peter Thamm, Daimler AG
  • Mathias Farthofer, voestalpine AG - Head of Corporate Development
  • FH-Prof. Dr. Andreas Auinger, FH Oberösterreich, Fakultät für Management, Steyr, Studiengangsleiter Digital Business Management

possibility to visit the exhibiors

  • reporting requirements in .com companies
  • elements of an effective reporting landscape
  • prerequisites of efficient reporting process
  • reporting system of Zalando and solutions for the continuous adjustment and improvement in the dynamic environment

Dr. Jörg Engelbergs
Vice President Controlling
Zalando SE, Berlin

... after experiencing setback

March 2, 2008. The 27-year-old alpine skier Matthias Lanzinger crashes so hard at the WC Super-G in Kvittfjell that his left lower leg must be amputated two days later. The whole Austria followed his road back to the new life. In the interview he describes how he developed his mental strength, found motivation for new goals and emerged stronger from setbacks.

Matthias Lanzinger
Former World Cup ski racer

FH-Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler

Then Heineken beer finale

CIS Controlling Insights Steyr - Programm 2015

  • Warum Wachstum auch in wachsenden Märkten eine Herausforderung ist
  • Interne Wachstumshemmnisse
  • Rolle des CFO und der Controller in der Umsetzung der Wachstumsstrategie
  • Industrie 4.0 und Controlling bei Kuka

Jurate Keblyte
Kuka Roboter GmbH, Augsburg

  • CEO: "Kostenrechnung ist Kernkompetenz"
  • Flexibles Unternehmertum und absolute Kundennähe stehen über Allem
  • Steigende Komplexität in der Innen- und Außenwelt
  • Beitrag des Controllings zum Erfolg von ENGEL
  • BI und Smart Data als Antwort auf die neue VUKA-Welt

MMag. Dr. Christian Danninger, Prokurist, Bereichsleiter Controlling und Rechnungswesen
ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH, Schwertberg

  • Eckpunkte des Controllings von McDonalds
  • Globale Reorganisation und Refranchising: Herausforderungen und Auswirkungen auf das Controlling
  • Controlling nach Außen: Controlling von unseren und für unsere Franchise-Nehmer
  • Controlling nach Innen: Controlling als Unterstützer und Berater für das Management

Ilka Bukowsky
Department Head, Franchise Controlling McDonald's Deutschland Inc., München

  • Frühwarnindikatoren und zukunftsorientierte Werttreiber vs. zyklisch Linienorganisiertem Berichtswesen
  • Businessorientierte KPIs am konkreten Beispiel eines Operational Dashboard
  • Maßnahmenorientierung im Reporting
  • Integrierte Projektteams in der Business Analyse und Entscheidungsvorlage

Michael Schernthaner
Vice President Controlling, Accounting and Financial Services
Constantia Flexibles Group, Wien

  • Momentaufnahme des Bereichs Finanzen und Controlling - Leading Practice heute
  • Technologische Veränderungen und Trends - Möglichkeiten und Controlling-Systeme von morgen
  • Was bedeutet dies für Manager und Controller? - Fallbeispiele und Ausblick

Jürgen Daum, Chief Solution Architect Finance
SAP Deutschland SE & Co KG, Walldorf

Moderation: Mag. Susanne Dickstein, Oberösterreichische Nachrichten


  • Eitelkeit oder Notwendigkeit? Erfordert mein Geschäftsmodell einen globalen Footprint?
  • Vom Wachstum nicht blenden lassen - Wie sich Risikoprofile im globalen Umfeld ändern
  • Anforderungen an die Controlling-Instrumente
  • "It is still a people's business": Führungsverhalten und Organisationsentwicklung in unterschiedlichen Kulturen

MMag. Markus Hofer, CFO Miba AG, Laakirchen

In zehn Jahren wird Alexander Pointner zum erfolgreichsten Cheftrainer in der Geschichte der österreichischen Skispringer. Visionär und systematisch formt er aus Einzelsportlern ein Teamgefüge, das sich selbst in ungeahnte Höhen schraubt. Er wagt den Absprung in eine neue Form des Coachings: Mut zur Unvollkommenheit und absolutes Vertrauen in die vorhandenen Fähigkeiten bilden die Eckpunkte dieser Philosophie. In seinem Vortrag gewährt Alexander Pointner Einblick in die Welt des Spitzensports unerfüllbarer Erwartungshaltungen und gibt Anregungen wie Erfolgsdruck im Management bewältigt und hochgesteckte Unternehmensziele erreicht werden können.

Alexander Pointner,
ehem. Cheftrainer der österreichischen Skisprung-Nationalmannschaft