Controlling Conference Switzerland 2019 - Digital Controlling Excellence - Successful Digitization Projects in Controlling

25.09.2019 in Rotkreuz

Digitization in controlling - many Swiss companies are now dealing with this challenge. While digitization in other corporate functions obviously enables very successful applications, digitization in controlling has yet to prove itself as a success factor in practice. There are promising approaches, but what is the added value of digitization in controlling? How do you get started with the digitization of controlling and what are the next steps?

Speakers from Swiss companies will use practical examples to show how they drive digitization in controlling and what experience they have gained.

A World Café promotes the exchange of experience and discussion in the field of digital controlling excellence among the participants.

The conference is organized by the Swiss work groups of the International Association of Controllers (ICV) with the Institute for Financial Services Zug IFZ. Together we want to combine practical experience with current research results and make this knowledge available to controllers and financially interested practitioners.


  • Ivo Gerig, Head of Digital Office, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
  • Dr. Markus Knaus, Finance & Controlling, ETH Zürich
  • Peter Scherrer, CFO, SIGA
  • Nicole Hecht, Project Finance, SIGA
  • Thomas Ankenbrand, Head of Competence Center Investments, Hochschule Luzern – Wirtschaft, IFZ
  • Daniel Turi, Head of Financial Data Management, Allianz Suisse
  • Urs Vanza, Head Finance Innovation Lab, Schindler Management Ltd.
  • Carmen Zillmer, Managing Director, International Association of Controllers



Agenda as a PDF file (German).




Opening and welcome speech
Carmen Zillmer and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Egle


Digitization - chances in controlling
Ivo Gerig


Digitization at the ETH Zürich – Elektronic Workflows and Self Service Analytics – a practical review
Dr. Markus Knaus




Digitization with Business Intelligence and Business Analytics im Controlling on an example of a SME
Peter Scherrer and Nicole Hecht


Blockchain and Controlling
Thomas Ankenbrand


Lunch break


Robotics in Finance – Change with enthusiasm
Daniel Turi


Finance Innovation at Schindler and the added value for controlling
Urs Vanza




World Café «Digital Controlling Excellence»
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Egle


Summary and outlook
Markus Steiner


Apéro riche and Networking



Interviews with the speakers of the conference 2019

Allianz Suisse: Robotics in Finance – Change with enthusiasm

Daniel Turi, Head of Financial Data Management at Allianz Suisse, spoke to Markus Steiner, ICV Regional Delegate Switzerland.

Mr. Turi, "Robotics in Finance - Change with Enthusiasm" is the title of your presentation at the Swiss Controller Conference 2019 - who is most enthusiastic about your robots?

My employees. They appreciate most of the advantages of robotics, giving them more time for value and quality tasks.


You are Head of Financial Data Management at Allianz Suisse, previously you worked many years as Accountant, Financial Controller and Business Controller. Are you and your team the frequently quoted „data scientist” that the controller should become?

Not quite. The Financial Data Management Team supports controllers and analysts with a variety of technologies and tools to help them better understand the role of the business partner and get the job done more efficiently.

The Team plays a key role in automating and robotizing the finance industry and optimizing financial processes. The goal is to ensure a transformation in activities, reducing repetitive tasks and saving more time for high quality tasks.


What can the participants of the conference expect from your presentation?

Many insights on how we started RPA at Allianz Suisse and finally anchored it in the organization. I will show why RPA is less about technology and more about employees. Further, I will introduce why many RPA initiatives are started in finance and how to get RPA into the organization - i.a. with the selection of suitable operating model - sustainable integration.


The practical exchange of experience from practice is very important to us - will you show, in addition to the positive findings, what did not go so well and what you would do differently today?

Yeah, no success without failure. I'll give you some suggestions on what to look for in a proof of concept and, once you have put the first robots into production, how to scale the initiative further.


What next steps have you planned?

Extension of knowledge management, scaling of RPA and greater integration of robots in daily activities. Knowledge Management is about establishing RPA Library, RPA trainings and championships. The aim is for us to have even more robots that also work closely with our employees and efficiently support our colleagues in their daily work.


Daniel Turi heads the Financial Data Management department at Allianz Suisse’s Finance and Accounting Department today. In addition to automation and optimization of all financial processes, he is also responsible for Robotics Knowledge Management within the entire Allianz Suisse Group. He is a co-founder of the RPA Community in Switzerland, where numerous companies, in particular from the finance and service sectors, meet regularly and share their experiences and procedures with Robotics.