CIB Controlling Inspiration Berlin - contacts

Regional Delegate Germany East
Dieter Meyer
Tel.: +49 30 91704785
e-mail: icv{bei}

Head of the Work Group Weser-Harz and Coordinator of the Conference
Wolfgang Schneider
Tel.: +49 5371 93 14 15
e-mail: schneider.gifhorn{bei}

Head of the Work Group Berlin-Brandenburg
Bärbel Kuhn
e-mail: ICV-Bbg.Kuhn{bei}

Head of the Wok Group Sachsen
Prof. Dr. Katja Glaser
Tel.: +49 341 42743590
e-mail: katja.glaser{bei}

Head of the Work GroupThüringen
Thomas Gross
Tel.: +49 05651 70819
e-mail: icv{bei}