CCS Controlling Competence Stuttgart - background

The presentation dealing with the development of the CCS held during the 10th CCS:

Legend / Development of the CCS

The first regional conference of the South working group took place on 28/11/2001 in the atrium of the Airport Center Stuttgart. In 2007, the concept of the regional conference was redesigned and reactivated. The location of Stuttgart was considered the right choice, given that this is an important economic region and the centre of the South working group. With IBM as a new sponsor, the venue was moved to its premises: IBM provides the rooms and infrastructure for the event.

On 15th November 2007, the first event at the IBM Forum Stuttgart took place under the theme “Internationalisation: Companies on the international stage - lest opportunities become risks”.

The regional conference on 13th November 2008 followed the theme “Trends in Controlling: Designing the Future with Controlling - Successful corporate development with controlling”

The regional conference on 19th November 2009 took place at the new IBM location in Ehningen under the motto “Controlling in challenging times: The right steering instruments at the right time”.

“Controlling instruments for a look to the future” was the motto of the 8th CCS Controlling Competence Stuttgart on 18th November 2010 at the IBM Forum Ehningen.

On 24th November 2010, “Innovative and proven instruments in Controlling” were the centre of discussion at the 9th CCS.

More than 150 participants attended the CCS 2012 under the motto “A different way of Controlling”. The agenda includes “Policy Controlling” with the Chair of the Baden-Württemberg state parliamentary group of the CDU, and an entertaining talk by Joey Kelley on the topic: “How do I achieve my goals?”