The 18th CCS Controlling Competence Stuttgart - online agenda on November 26, 2020

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Die CCS 2020 wird offiziell eröffnet. 

Claudia Maron und Christian Bramkamp

The CCS officially stars.

  • The phases of the crisis: from a supply crisis to the liquidity crisis to the sales crisis
  • Change and elimination of business models - what's new?
  • Everything is going digital! Really?
  • Changes in corporate management
  • What remains after corona?

Dr. Nicholas Matten
Geschäftsführer Vertrieb, Marketing & Finanzen
Stiebel Eltron GmbH & Co.KG

12.00 SLOT 1: 6 parallel sessions with panel discussion

„Increased performance through intelligent cost management“
Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich

Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich


and then a discussion (30 min) with

Dr. Christoph Munck


"Green Deal, SDGs and participation processes - shape change with controlling?"
Daniel Ette


  • The increasing importance of sustainability and what that has to do with controlling
  • EU Green Deal: possible implications and consequences
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Why do we need a mind shift and behavior change
  • What contribution must and can controlling make to a sustainable organization in terms of the triple bottom line?

Daniel Ette
Sustanability Expert and Trainer
Founder and Owner

Moderation: Claudia Maron
Member of the ICV Board
Head of Governance

"Accounting policy 2020 - challenges in accounting in times of COVID-19"
Christian Landgraf

  • COVID-19 and financial reporting - Where Are We?
  • Effects on the balance sheet
  • Effects on management reporting
  • Conclusion and outlook: what can we expect?

Christian Landgraf
Partner and auditor
Certified Public Accountant (U.S.)
Rödl & Partner GmbH   

Moderation: Annegret Glöckner
ICV Executive Advisor


 "Transform your Business – how intelligent data usage changes business models, processes and markets"
Steffen Vierkorn


  • Change of society, products and companies
  • Data as fuel for new business models and changed ways of working
  • Is technology alone the key to success?
  • Lessons learned from over 100 initiatives and their impact on controlling

Steffen Vierkorn
Business owner

Moderation: Michael Plentinger, Greple GmbH

"COVID-19: Breakthrough for Advanced Analytics? Advanced Analytics in Uncertain Times - Requirements and Examples“
Matthias Dorner


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented uncertainty, making corporate planning and risk management difficult
  • The use of statistical methods and models (advanced analytics) can now provide helpful insights for companies
  • Practical example DATEV eG: Monte Carlo simulation on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on sales and corporate planning
  • Discussion: What are the prerequisites and possibilities for using these methods? How will these methods change the work in controlling?

Dr. Matthias Dorner

"Robotic Process Automation (RPA)"
Nicolas Hess


  • Many outdated ways of working can now be broken up by the crisis
  • Trust in technology means a competitive advantage - especially in the back office
  • With RPA, OCR and AI to noticeable efficiency gains in a short time in the finance function

Nicolas Hess
Business Owner
Roboyo GmbH

Moderation: Christian Bramkamp
Delegierter für die ICV-Fachkreise
Project Manager Finance & Administration
Kardex Remstar

13.00 LUNCH

14.00 SLOT 2: 6 parallel sessions with panel discussion

"Radical reduction in internal performance accounting - effects on cost and performance management"
Nicole Müller

  • Management without internal cost allocation in the shared service environment
  • Necessary prerequisites (service provider, service recipient)
  • Role of the controller in radically reduced internal cost allocation (ILV)
  • Dealing with legal requirements

Nicole Müller
CD Controlling, Process Manager Business Risk Management
Sick AG

Moderation: Dr. Christoph Munck

"Green Controlling für den European Green Deal - Impact Measurement als Chance für eine nachhaltigere Unternehmenssteuerung"
Marco D. Möhrer


  • The Green Deal places new demands on responsible corporate management.
  • Focus on the effect of corporate activities on stakeholders.
  • Impact measurement relates the key players to one another.
  • Entrepreneurial action becomes transparent and measurable in terms of cause and effect on society and the environment.
  • Selected practical examples support the implementation.

Marco D. Möhrer
LEIZ Researcher on Shared Value Accounting
Zeppelin Universität Friedrichshafen

Stefan Jordan
Projektleitung Umweltstrategie, Steuerung & Grundsätze
Deutsche Bahn AG

Together they lead the ICV expert work group Green Controlling for Responsible Business

"From 2021: early risk detection systems are mandatory for all limited liability companies!"
Cornelius Nickert

Implementation of the EU restructuring directive:

  • Basic structure of the preventive restructuring framework
  • Change to the InsO (Insolvency Code) - consequences for controlling
  • Early detection system for developments threatening the continued existence of the company

Cornelius NickertRechtsanwalt, Steuerberater, Fachanwalt für Insolvenz- und SteuerrechtKanzlei Nickert

Moderation: Annegret Glöckner
ICV Executive Advisor

"NewWork@G+D - How can a group-wide cooperation succeed in order to achieve more flexibility while increasing efficiency and reducing costs?"
Pia Burkarth

  • With the right principles for leadership and collaboration, a corporate culture that increases employee loyalty can be created.
  • Mobile working and flexible office concepts in combination with a digital and flexible work culture create more freedom, can increase productivity and at the same time reduce travel costs.
  • Through cross-functional and interdisciplinary cooperation, silo mentalities are broken up and cooperation within the company strengthens.

Pia Burkarth
Corporate Controlling
Giesecke+Devrient GmbH

Moderation: Christian Bramkamp

"Excel as a simulation tool, especially in times of crisis - action-based simulation for managing crises"
Fabian Schlösser / Daniel Palmer


  • Macroeconomic scenarios as a starting point for the financial simulation
  • Financial simulation - business-oriented, action-based and integrated
  • Practical example of an integrated, medium-term financial simulation in times of crisis - quickly and effectively

Fabian Schlösser
Senior Project Manager Planning & Forecasting
Horváth & Partners Management Consultants

Daniel Palmer
Senior Project Manager Controlling & Finance
Horváth & Partners Management Consultants

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Martin Plag, Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Villingen-Schwenningen

"How much digitization and automation does everyday controlling need?"
Alexander Hein

A look over the shoulder of a modern controller shows how

  • digitization ensures a daily updated database and can therefore proactively support decisions, even in business-critical situations.
  • automation enables precise forecasts without requiring human expertise in the field of statistics.
  • a single point-of-truth and innovative solutions change everyday controlling.

Alexander Hein


Moderation: Christian Bramkamp
Delegierter für die ICV-Fachkreise
Project Manager Finance & Administration
Kardex Remstar

15.00 Speeches of the Value Partners

Smart transformation process with CCH TagetikHarald Schötz, Franz Tomann


The crisis affects - and everyone! Above all, it dramatically accelerates the challenges that we have seen for several years. The change, the transformation, takes place technologically and economically as well as organizationally. Our “SMART” initiative would not have been technically possible without the innovations of recent years. Hear in the CCH Tagetik lecture how the organizational transformation is being managed in the Wolters Kluwer Group and how the “SMART” initiative has also brought about new technological paths.

Mentoring ICV Silver Professionals x ICV Young Finance Professionals
Rainer Grossenbacher, Markus Steiner, Angelina Tassone


"Mentoring is a simple and efficient measure to promote and develop people. A technically competent and experienced person (mentor) passes on their own experience to a less experienced person (mentee) and is available for exchange and discussion The aim is to support the mentee with personal or professional developments. The range of topics is not limited and ranges from training, career, leisure to personal development and personal goals. This is entirely up to the tandem. This promotes a willingness to reflect and change as well as communication skills among those involved. The development of mutual trust is therefore extremely important for a successful partnership. At a first glance, mentees in particular appear to benefit from this support, but they also appear give the mentor many advantages. The concept of mentoring assumes a mutual give and take".

Quantitative risk management as a navigator through the crisis
Samuel Brandstätter

  • The link between the risk portfolio and the financial risk-bearing capacity
  • Risk simulation and stress testing demystified and democratized
  • The risk barometer as a communication tool between the management board and the supervisory board

Samuel Brandstätter
Founder, CEO, Head of Sales
Avedos GRC GmbH

Diagrams in reporting: more harm than good?
Dr. Gerald Butterwegge

The visualization of data places high demands on clarity and comprehensibility. Diagrams’ readers and recipients are usually in a hurry and their attention is scarce.
In companies, false conclusions and misinterpretations are associated with costs and risks. "Data visualization should not be based on the tongue-in-cheek to manipulative tricks of opinion-forming in the media, nor should board members entertain board members with journalistic data storytelling." Instead, the main focus is on finding out where goals have been achieved or missed, analyzing the causes and sending signals. A few, but consistently used visual means and the appropriate coloring, which are shown in the lecture, are sufficient.

Dr. Gerald Butterwegge
Head of Communication
Bissantz & Company GmbH


Introduction and use of data analytics governance
Tilman Hagen

In many companies, unclear processes and responsibilities for business intelligence, reporting or planning applications, poor data quality and transparency of existing data as well as heterogeneous and historically grown tool landscapes with many isolated solutions make everyday work more difficult.

Data analytics governance helps to clearly structure the business intelligence organization. As a regulatory framework, it helps through consistent application to achieve the overarching goals along the dimensions of organization, technology and content of the BI strategy.

In our speech, we will show you how the introduction of data analytics governance succeeds and what benefits it can bring.

Tilman Hagen
Head of the Competence Center SAP BI
Braincourt GmbH


Dr. Marina Hein

    • Crisis preparation and management as the central role of controlling in 2020
    • Which analyzes can help to derive the right countermeasures
    • Adjustment of the 2021 budgeting process to the new circumstances

    Carl Braun
    Director Corporate Controlling
    Alfred Kärcher SE & CO KG

    Moderation: Claudia Maron

    Details soon. 

    Dr. Eren Basar
    Fachanwalt für Strafrecht
    Wessing & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbH

    Moderation: Christian Bramkamp
    Delegierter für die ICV-Fachkreise
    Project Manager Finance & Administration
    Kardex Remstar


    Claudia Maron and Christian Bramkamp


    The conference world rethought: On November 26, we immerse ourselves in virtual 3-D experiences together

    The conference software SPACES, the technical basis for the CCS on November 26, offers new possibilities to convey content and exchange ideas - be it in a larger group or in a one-on-one conversation. It ensures that visitors, speakers, moderators, exhibitors and sponsors are taken into a varied, exciting conference day and can act actively there. Having fun despite the seriousness and meaningfulness of the content it the goal of this innovative conference format!