Welcome to the 19th CCS on November 25 (conference language: GERMAN) - experience in the SPACES

On November 25, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Online in the innovative 3-D online format SPACES: Come as an avatar! Conference language: German.

The new realities keep us in suspense

The world is in turbo change. The digital transformation, climate goals, new work, supply chain and bottlenecks are high on the CFO agenda. Take the opportunity to exchange ideas about current solutions with experienced practitioners from Controlling & Finance.

  • How digital and automated is the controlling? Are there any AI-based use cases?
  • Is Substainable Finance integrated into corporate management? Will CO2 become the new currency?
  • What does AI do to us as people and our job profiles? Which new skills are required and what do recruiters value?

We are concerned with these topics as well as with new tools in controlling. Advanced analytics in planning or intelligent reporting belong in the future as tools in every Controller's Toolbox.

Immerse yourself in a day full of impulses and best practices.

Parallel sessions for your individual knowledge needs

Set the focus in the program according to your personal preferences: You can choose the sessions that are relevant to you from parallel topic centers with a focus on digital transformation, sustainable finance, finance & legal, new skills & AI in recruiting, controller's toolbox and digitization / automation.

Learn, network, have fun!

Learn from each other, across industries, company sizes and national borders. Network with one another, expand your very own personal network. For this we meet in SPACES, one of the most exciting virtual learning and working worlds. Guaranteed fun factor.

Parallele Sessions für Ihren individuellen Wissensbedarf

Setzen Sie die Schwerpunkte im Programm ganz nach Ihren persönlichen Präferenzen: Aus parallelen Themenzentren mit Fokus auf Digitale Transformation, Sustainable Finance, Finance & Legal, New Skills & KI im Recruiting, Controller's Toolbox sowie Digitalisierung/Automatisierung wählen Sie die für Sie relevanten Sessions. 

Controlling and Finance always in focus

The CCS is aimed at everyone who is interested in controlling, finance and international topics related to digital, risk-based and sustainable corporate management.

The CCS on 25.11.2021 is the meeting point for...

  • Controlling experts
  • CFOs
  • Managers
  • Controllers
  • Commercial managing directors
  • Consultants
  • University professors
  • Students
  • Everyone interested in controlling

Participation fees

Please note: Conference language is German!

Participation fee for the individual participation
ICV Member: 200 euros
Non-Member: 300 euros

Participation fee from the 2nd registration per company (50% discount)
ICV Member: 100 euros
Non-Member: 150 euros

Participation fee for students
ICV Member: 50 euros
Non-Member: 100 euros

Introduction dates

As a participant of the CCS 2021, please make a note of the following dates on which the event team will introduce you to the SPACES conference software. You can also take part several times if necessary.

  • Monday, November 15
  • Tuesday, November 1
  • Monday, November 22
  • Tuesday, November 23
    > from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

    Important: We ask you to use at least one of the dates mentioned, as no further support will be available on the day of the event.


Agenda of the CCS 2021 on November 25

Details soon

A conversation partner is the focus of the personal exchange:

1. Who am I? Why do I take part in the CCS - what am I particularly interested in here, also for my company?

2. Short but intensive: a maximum of 15 minutes for introducing and asking questions, exchanging contact details and possibly agreeing on another meeting.

  • Effects of the Corona crisis on the labor market

  • Crisis management and resilience

  • Express digitization

  • Job-Futuromat, controller skills of the future and lifelong learning

Dr. Roland Deinzer
Head of Strategic Controlling
Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mahlendorf
Professor and Academic Director of the Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management


Pause - Zeit zum Netzwerken



Digital Transformation

Details soon

Sustainable Finance

Silke Thomas
ICV Expert Work Group Green Controlling

Finance & Legal

  • The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act contains extensive duties of care with regard to risk analyzes, preventive and remedial measures, complaint procedures before German courts and reporting.
  • With the law, the requirements for the compliance and risk management system are increasing not only in the German economy, but also in other European countries due to the corresponding discussions at the EU level.
  • Which processes and procedures need to be adapted to the new specifications in order to avoid a high financial and reputational risk?
  • What options are there - especially for controlling - to assess the current state of compliance with human rights due diligence and to identify priority areas for action

Dr. Mirjam Weisse
Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

New Skills & AI in Recruiting

Michael Plentinger
Greple GmbH

Controller's Toolbox

  • Accounting & controlling - conception
  • Prompt provision of information through consistent process design
  • Rolling forecasting as part of modern corporate management
  • Use of BI & Analytics as an enabler on the way to efficient management

Armin Rauch
Vice President Controlling Systeme & BI
Vetter Pharma

Digitization & Automation

Details soon

12.00 Lunch


The focus is on the lecture topics:

1. Looking back on the morning (what conclusions do we draw from what we have heard; what challenges do we see; how do we put the knowledge into practice?)

2. in the preview of the afternoon (what do we expect from the respective topics / speakers; what questions do we have, also as an impulse for the subsequent discussion; is there an interest in working on a topic in greater depth afterwards?)


Digital Transformation

Details soon

Sustainable Finance

Daniel Hamann

Finance & Legal

  • What are ESG criteria and what is an ESG rating?
  • How can ESG factors influence a company valuation?
  • What effects can currently be observed?
  • How can ESG criteria be operationalized for my company or a company valuation?

Prof. Dr. Robert C. Schmidt
Professur für allgemeine BWL, Management & Finance IU Internationale Hochschule
Industriepartner Deutsche Beteiligungs AG
Leiter ICV Fachkreis Unternehmensbewertung

Florian Dirner

New Skills & AI in Recruiting

Ready for upcoming tasks in controlling!

Tasks, jobs and roles in controlling have fundamentally changed and will continue to do so. Controlling organizations have to transform. Employees and teams have to prepare for future tasks. For a successful transformation, it is important not only to pay attention to the skills, but also to consider the mindset with regard to tasks and working methods.

With the help of growspace, controlling teams are able to optimally distribute tasks according to available skills and existing mindsets. Gaps become transparent and you know what you can / must change immediately.

Dr. Jörg Thienemann
Detect Value AG

Dr. Thomas Falter
Develo GmbH

Controller's Toolbox

Details soon

Digitization & Automation

  • What is the next step after digitization?
  • Can cloud automation be the game changer?
  • There is more than just RPA

Dennis Cichowski
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
C4B-Team GmbH & Co.KG

Break - time to network


Digital Transformation

Alexander Hein

Sustainable Finance

  • Ecological influence on economic decisions
  • Corporate carbon footprint (CCF) and product carbon footprint (PCF)
  • Process-integrated, financial data-based CO2 calculation
  • Outlook on future developments

Altan Günsoy
Global Climate GmbH

Finance & Legal

Details soon

New Skills & AI in Recruiting

Details soon

Controller's Toolbox

Michael Maier
Kaufmännischer Leiter

Dr. Gerald Butterwegge
Bissantz & Company GmbH

Digitization & Automation

Details soon

Break - time to network


  • Do we have to be afraid of AI?
  • What can AI not do?
  • What new moral problems does AI bring and how do we deal with them?

Dr. Tobias Holischka
Akademischer Rat
Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Details soon

Meet our ValuePartners and the members of our ICV work groups for a discussion!

CCS 2021: Wertvoll auch für ValuePartner

Das 4-Stufen-Modell für das ValuePartnering

Als ValuePartner bei der CCS zeigen Sie, wie Sie BesucherInnen und Referierende mit Ihren Angeboten in den Bereichen Controlling und Finance auch nach der CCS unterstützen. Sie entscheiden, in welcher Form Sie auf sich aufmerksam machen. Von der Einblendung Ihres Logos bis hin zu einem eigenen Vortragsslot bietet das Organisationsteam Ihnen im 4-Stufen-Modell Lösungen nach Maß. 

  • Ihr verlinktes Logo ist hier auf der CCS-Seite im Rahmen der ICV Website eingebunden.
  • Sie erhalten ein kostenloses Teilnahmeticket für die CCS 2021. 
  • Einmaliger Kostenbeitrag: 400 Euro (zzgl. 19% MwSt)

Bei der virtuellen CCS SPACES präsentieren Sie sich mit eigenem Stand in Ihrem Corporate Design und mit Ihren Werbemitteln/Informationsmaterialien. 

  • Ihr verlinktes Logo ist hier auf der CCS-Seite im Rahmen der ICV Website eingebunden.
  • Sie erhalten einen Online-Ausstellungsstand (mit Ihrem Logo, in Ihren Unternehmensfarben, mit Platzierung Ihrer Werbemittel und Ihres Info-Materials). 
  • Zwei kostenlose Teilnahmetickets für die CCS 2021 sind inklusive. 
  • Einmaliger Kostenbeitrag: 800 Euro (zzgl. 19% MwSt) 

Bringen Sie Ihre Kompetenzen bei Podiumsdiskussionen und Workshops ein. Überzeugen Sie mit Ihrem Auftritt bei der CCS 2021 Ihre Zielgruppe von Ihrem Know-how im Bereich Controlling und Finance. 

  • Ihr verlinktes Logo ist hier auf der CCS-Seite im Rahmen der ICV Website eingebunden.
  • Teilnahme an Podiumsdiskussion/Workshop (in Absprache mit dem CCS Organisationsteam). 
  • Sie erhalten drei kostenlose Teilnahmetickets für die CCS 2021. 
  • Einmaliger Kostenbeitrag: 1.200 Euro (zzgl. 19% MwSt)

Im eigenen Vortragsslot zeigen Sie den Teilnehmenden der CCS 2021, wie Sie von Ihrem Produkt und/oder Ihrer Dienstleistung in der Praxis profitieren, aufgezeigt an einem Anwenderbeispiel. Idealerweise bitten Sie dafür ein Unternehmen, das Ihre Lösung einsetzt, als Referenz auf die Bühne. 

  • Ihr verlinktes Logo ist hier auf der CCS-Seite im Rahmen der ICV Website eingebunden.
  • Teilnahme an Podiumsdiskussion/Workshop (in Absprache mit dem CCS Organisationsteam). 
  • Sie erhalten einen Vortragsslot (in Absprache mit dem ICV Organisationsteam).
  • Vier kostenlose Teilnahmetickets für die CCS 2021 sind inklusive. 
  • Einmaliger Kostenbeitrag: 1.600 Euro (zzgl. 19% MwSt) 

Bestätigte ValuePartner und alle, die sich für das ValuePartnering-Angebot interessieren, merken sich für den SPACES Einführungstermin in Tools und Präsentations-Optionen bitte Montag, 20. September 2021, 15 bis 18 Uhr, vor. 


Digital Transformation

Make better decisions faster?!

- and manage it in a profitable and socially responsible manner. How do you succeed in adapting corporate management to the requirements of digital transformation?

Sustainable Finance

CO2, the new currency in controlling?!

- Fit for 55, the climate goals of the EU and Germany as well as social change make sustainable management from the free option to a duty. Ecological issues are now on the roadmap of every company. How does a successful integration into controlling succeed?

Finance & Legal

- Factoring in uncertainties in simulation models, being prepared for crises with stress tests is part of the tools of modern controlling.

Annegret Glöckner

New Skills & AI in Recruiting

Skills & roles, what power do algorithms have?!

- How are we humans with the digital changes? Are we glass? Do companies know everything before they hire someone? What is expected of controllers? Which skills and role models will be important in the future?

Pia Burkarth

Controller's Toolbox

Integrated and analytics-supported?!

- Predictive analytics as well as comprehensive and powerful simulation models are increasingly part of the Controller's Toolbox. What are the opportunities for planning and reporting?

Digitization & automation

Fast and agile?!

- How transformed are the core processes in controlling? Automation in standard processes creates freedom for digital change.


ValuePartner 2021

Speakers and moderators at the 19th CCS on November 25, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. - online in the SPACES

Dennis Cichowski

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mahlendorf
Professor and Academic Director of the Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Pia Burkarth​
Senior Finance Transformation Manager 

Marco Möhrer
Junior Managers Program
Robert Bosch GmbH

Dr. Roland Deinzer
Leiter Strategisches Controlling
Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Daniela Scheu
Lead Expert Controlling
Merck KGaA

Altan Günsoy
Global Climate GmbH

Michael Plentinger
CEO & Founder
Greple GmbH

Dr. Jörg Thienemann
Gründer, Gesellschafter und CEO
Detect Value AG

Prof. Dr. Thomas Falter
Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft OTH Regensburg
Gründer der Develo GmbH

Stefan Jordan
Cluster Lead Sustainability and Environmental Strategy
Deutsche Bahn AG

Dr. Gerald Butterwegge
Bissantz & Company GmbH

Armin Rauch
Vice President Controlling Systeme & BI
Vetter Pharma-Fertigung

Daniel Hamann 
Sustainable Finance Advisory
HypoVereinsbank – UniCredit

Silke Thomas​
Sustainable Finance & ESG Controlling
Deutsche Telekom AG

Dr. Sebastian Möbus
Head of Operations
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Florian Dirner

Michael Hubertus Maier
Kaufmännischer Leiter

Your contacts for everything to do with CCS 2021

ICV Board Member
e-mail: claudia.maron{bei}datev.de

Delegate ICV Germany South
e-mail: heller{bei}heller-consulting.net

Delegate for the ICV Expert Work Groups
e-mail: c.bramkamp{bei}icv-controlling.com

Senior Finance Transformation Manager Thinkproject

Managing Director
Tel.: +49 - (0)8153 / 88 974 -20 
e-mail: c.zillmer@icv-controlling.com

Heads of the work groups - ICV Germany South

Günther Zumsande
e-mail: guenther.zumsande{bei}web.de

Prof. Dr. Sven Henning
e-mail: sven.henning{bei}hs-kempten.de

Dr. Jörg Thienemann
e-mail: joerg.thienemann{bei}detect-value.com

Udo Kraus
Tel.: 07836/51-1397
e-mail: udo.kraus{bei}hansgrohe.com

Süd I
Dr. Uwe Seidel
Tel.: 089/95 72 36 36
e-mail: uwe.seidel{bei}oth-regensburg.de

Dr. Olaf Leistert
e-mail: olaf.leistert{bei}uos.de

Fritz Häussermann
e-mail: fhaeussermann{bei}pvl.de

Interim Gabriele Heller
e-mail: heller{bei}heller-consulting.net

Theo Sörger
e-mail: theo.soerger{bei}ulm-netze.de

Christian Kaiser
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