CCS Controlling Competence Stuttgart: In 2020 we meet online!

The Schlossplatz in Stuttgart. The annual autumn conference in southern Germany is named after the capital of Baden-Württemberg. The venue is traditionally the IBM Client Center in Ehningen, about 30 kilometers southwest of it. In 2020 arrival is not be necessary: the CCS will be held as an online event. Copyright: Stuttgart Marketing GmbH, Werner Dieterich

Welcome to the South

The Controlling Competence Stuttgart CCS is the annual regional event of the International Association of Controllers for the South of Germany. It is initiated by the regional work groups of the ICV and since 2009 has taken place in the IBM Germany headquarters in Ehningen near Stuttgart. In 2020 it takes place online for te first time. It is aimed at anyone who is interested in controlling, finance and international topics - the event for controlling and corporate management for Stuttgart and the region.


Carmen Zillmer
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Head of the ICV work group Germany South

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