CAB Controlling Advantage Bonn - Agenda 2019

of the registered participants

Beate Langkath
Business Partner Integrierte Geschäftssteuerung
Deutsche Telekom Service
CFO of Vivento Customer Services

  • Presentation of the disruptive business approach of FlixMobility
  • Managing rapid growth in a separate ecosystem of the mobility sector
  • Presentation of new structures and processes of the Platform Economy and new management approaches and KPIs

Benjamin Gubitz
Vice President Controlling 

  • Customer needs considered
  • Highest safety standards, high quality standards as a goal
  • Agile development
  • Customer satisfaction produced

Henrich Maaß
Head of Sales Service

with possibility to visit the exhibitors

  • Benchmarking effects of digitization efforts on the controlling structures
  • Popular topics of recent years and implementation reality
  • Benchmarking as a tool for measuring digitization and implementing the controlling strategy
  • Connection of new use cases and established good practices

Marco Große
Senior Director
The Hackett Group
Frankfurt am Main

with possibility to visit the exhibitors

  • Tactics - decentralized decision-making in a dynamic environment
  • Technology - single Source of Truth even without video evidence
  • Team spirit - interdisciplinary teams instead of silo talents

Jens Ropers
Partner at the CA Akademie AG
is responsible for the topic world Information Management and the qualification path to the Change Agent


  • The challenge of digitization for an international logistics service provider
  • Requirements for controlling in the digitization of core processes
  • The own digitization in controlling
  • Management of digital innovation processes
  • Status quo and experiences

Matthias Malicke
Group Head of Central Controlling
Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG

with possibility to visit the exhibitors

among others:

  • What conclusions can be drawn from the first experiences for digitization?
  • What influence do controllers have on the digitization of companies?
  • How safe are the current business models?
  • How changeable are the current business models?
  • What is the right way to digitize (pioneer or latecomer)?

Beate Langkath

17:00 End of the conference