ICV Live Webinar: Forecasting in practice (in German)

Organized and carried out by the ICV Work Group Austria II, open to all interested parties.

The topic is an evergreen – forecasting. You know, you do it, but aren't there other options? And how do other companies use it?

In addition to the necessary, conceptual input, an empirical, Austria-wide study as part of an excellent diploma thesis and one or two case studies from business practice show the status quo, experiences about what works and what doesn't work and probably also potential for all of us for the future. A lively discussion should illuminate the last corners and provide additions.


  • To start with: definition, goals and benefits of “forecasting”
  • What are the current and future opportunities in forecasting?
  • How do Austrian companies use forecasting? A quantitative study provides insights...
  • Forecasting in practice: case study of an Austrian industrial company
  • Questions / Discussion


David Möstl
Consultant in the area CFO Advisory
Horváth Österreich