3 questions to Alexander Gedat

In your speech you address the narrow drawers that controllers are pressed into. In which drawers are controllers currently - and don't they sometimes like to put themselves in voluntarily?
Gedat: The drawer is the one of the unemotional, fun-free number cruncher. Probably because they refer to numbers too often and too forcefully. And yes, it is easier to affirm that reputation than to invest a lot of positive energy in inspiring managers.

You want controllers to enjoy the change. Isn’t there also some danger of promoting change for the sake of change?
Gedat: This danger is certainly there. Change and learning is a mindset, an attitude. And the more often we do something, the easier it is for us. So it's better to dare to change again and experience this spirit.

You address a non-culture in leadership that needs to be eliminated so that controllers become strong and courageous with regard to change. Do you see any chance of recovery?
Gedat: That lack of culture is the lack of fun and excitement. On the part of the manager and the controller. Numbers are great, they can be sexy. This “different” attitude changes the approach significantly. Of course, I see an opportunity for improvement. We have to do it, try it, demonstrate it.