ICV Live Webinar in GERMAN: Decision-making templates for corporate management

Well-founded and transparent decision templates should summarize all essential information about upcoming management decisions. In this way they improve the quality of decisions and thus sustainably the success of companies.

The ICV recently published a guideline “Decision-making templates for corporate management” (in German), which explains both the content of decision-making documents and how to create them. You can find it here (language: GERMAN).

At the same time, it has taken into account more precise legal requirements in recent years that regulate, for example, the due diligence of board members and GmbH managing directors. For example, there is no breach of duty if a board member or managing director could assume, based on appropriate information, to make an “entrepreneurial decision” for the good of the company.

A controversial and topical topic, to which the ICV Live Webinar is dedicated, and which specifically addresses the role and function of controlling in this context with a view to the interaction with risk management.

The speaker and the moderator were part of the team of authors for the new ICV publication.


Prof. Dr. Werner Gleißner

  • Degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Doctorate in Economics
  • Board of Directors of FutureValue Group AG
  • Honorary Professor at the Technical University of Dresden (business administration, especially risk management)
  • Board of "EACVA" (European Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts)
  • Long-standing ICV member


He represents a new research approach to integrate the previously largely separate methods in risk management, rating and evaluation, especially through the use of simulation processes.



Karl-Heinz Steinke

worked for the Lufthansa Group for 40 years, where he held several management positions during his career, including Head of Finance and Accounting at Lufthansa Cargo AG, Head of Group Auditing and, most recently, Head of Group Controlling and Cost Management.

From 2012 to 2020 he was a member of the ICV Board, is a co-founder and member of the ICV expert work group "Green Controlling for Responsible Business", is a member of the ICV Think Tank and heads the editorial team of the ICV ControllingWiki.

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Reading recommendation from Annegret Glöckner

"Following the (German) Corporate Stabilization and Restructuring Act (STaRUG) in autumn 2020, the Bundestag also passed the Act to Strengthen Financial Market Integrity (FISG) in May 2021. This is currently accompanied by a lively discussion about the "Business Judgment Rule" that board members and managing directors then comply with their duty of care, in accordance with Section 93 (1) (German) AktG when they make significant business decisions on the basis of appropriate information for the benefit of the company.

But what is appropriate information? This is not just a question of management representatives, but everyone who is centrally involved in the preparation of decisions, including controllers.

The ICV has made a very important contribution here with its recently published guideline “Decision-making templates for corporate management”. The group of authors led by Prof. Dr. Werner Gleißner and Prof. Dr. Ute Vanini takes the reader with through the entire decision-making process. And not just in theory - numerous practical examples are used for explanations.

The reading is highly recommended and a must for everyone involved in the decision-making process in the company!"

Annegret Glöckner
Auditor / Tax Consultant