The ICV offers an individual membership, a corporate membership and an associate membership.

  • Individual membership is intended for individuals.
  • Associated members receive access to our offers at special conditions for more than 5 controllers in the company. Talk to our Managing Director Carmen Zillmer about this option:
  • With a corporate membership, up to 5 employees in the company benefit from all the advantages of the ICV membership, as it also applies to individuals.
  • For a corporate memberships, there is also the option of acquiring additional digital reading rights for Controller Magazin for other employees (in German)

The advantages of the ICV membership

> Experience exchange in the controlling community

National and international. With controllers. With executives and controlling newcomers. With practitioners and scientists. From the recognized largest controlling network in Europe with around 6,000 members.

> Working out solutions together

As a member, you can take part in the meetings of the regional work groups, industry work groups or expert work groups free of charge. The work groups usually meet twice a year for a full day, often with an evening meeting added.

The Work Groups, Expert Work Groups and Sector Work Groups - overview

> Preferential prices for events and literature

You receive member discounts, including for events organised of the ICV as well as preferental prices for print versions of the ICV publications.The PDF-files of our publications is always free for our members. Some of our partners also offer you discounts in various areas.

ICV events

ICV publications

> One contact

The employees of the ICV Office are a competent address for your concerns. They can be reached by phone during normal business hours and by e-mail at any time.

Contacts at the ICV Office

> Exclusive information

As a member, you receive our Controller Statements free of charge, expert publications from the ICV Publication Series at a special price. This expert literature is compiled by industry experts from among our members, who focus on a topic together and usually derive requirements and information for controlling practice from the findings. We also offer exclusive content for our members on the ICV website.

> Expert press included

Our non-German speaking members receive the BULLETIN specially created for them by our international editorial staff.

Alles über das Controller Magazin für ICV Mitglieder und Firmenmitglieder - Inhalte, Zugänge, Formate - finden Sie hier übersichtlich zusammengefasst auf unserer Website.

Individual membership in the ICV

All natural persons are eligible for an Individual Membership. It grants you a voting right at the Association's General Meeting and access to the services that the ICV offers.

Corporate membership in the ICV

The corporate membership enables companies to access our international controlling community: with extensive training opportunities on current topics, through the exchange of knowledge at our events, through our print and online media and through personal contact in the regional work groups as well as in the sector and expert work groups. Many of our offers are associated with considerable price advantages or are included in the membership fee.

As part of a corporate membership, companies can name up to four controllers who each benefit from the advantages of membership and enrich the company with their new knowledge in the area of corporate management and controlling. In addition, we are happy to publish and link your logo on our Corpotrate Members page at your request.

Depending on the number of controllers, several company memberships can be concluded. For larger companies and corporations, we offer additional customized benefits and services as part of an Associate Membership.

Benjamin Schmalzhaf, Head of Controlling at ICV corporate member VDI GmbH, and Annegret Glöckner, ICV Executive Advisor for Corporate Members, discuss the contents and advantages of ICV corporate membership in an interview with Peter Bluhm from  atvisio.TV

Book digital reading rights for Controller Magazin (German) exclusively and at a special price

ICV corporate members can purchase additional digital licenses via the ICV at a special price, in addition to the 5 users included in the membership. This gives other employees in the company the opportunity to read Controller Magazin (German) online.

More information here (German).

This is what the ICV can do for you: an overview



The ICV Lifecycle Poster

Stand: November 2022

Your added value through membership: The overview for download (Download PDF)

Conditions and applications for the membership of your choice

> ICV individual membership <


Annual fee: EUR 175 (without the Controller Magazin: EUR 87,50).

If you join after 1.07 half of the annual fee is charged for the current membership year.

The membership refers to one person.

Members aged under 30 pay a reduced annual fee of EUR 87,50 (The full fee is charged at the beginning of the calendar year in which the 30th birthday falls)

Members over 60 years of age can also apply for the reduced fee upon additional request. Please send your application (no imposed form) to the ICV Office in writing.


> ICV corporate membership <


The annual fee for a Corporate Membership is EUR 875 per year.

If you join after 1.07 half of the annual fee is charged for the current membership year.

Since 1.01.2022 the fee enables membership at the ICV up to 5 employees of your company.