Benchmarking von ICV und SAP: FAQs


FAQs SAP Next Generation Benchmarking

Q1 What is the value proposition of SAP’s Next Generation Benchmarking platform?

With digital, organizations are looking for ways to reimagine their business. While traditional benchmarking has been a valuable tool to evaluate business health, today this is not enough. Organizations are now looking to understand what will happen as they embark on the journey to the Digital and Intelligent Enterprise, and how it will impact performance. 

This is where SAP’s Next Generation Benchmarking comes in. The program is designed to help organizations achieve a step change in productivity with the adoption of next-generation best practices. These next-generation best practices are infused with the power of digital technologies and can help organizations lay the foundation of an intelligent enterprise. The platform: 

a)     Leverages a differentiated and innovative benchmarking methodology that fosters enterprise wide collaboration
b)     Provides easy access to top business KPIs and next-generation best practices  
c)     Enables continuous value measurement with participants able to set a baseline and continuously measure and optimize as they move through their journey
d)     Provides flexibility to access content through any device (mobile, pad) with consumer grade user experience
e)     Enables business executives to identify the right digital priorities for potential investments
f)      It is a free offering by SAP   

Q2 What is the current scope of SAP’s Next Generation Benchmarking Platform? 

SAP’s Next Generation Benchmarking Platform currently has benchmarking surveys aligned to the following processes: 


a)     Asset management
b)     Commerce
c)     Finance
d)     Human Resources
e)     IT
f)      Manufacturing
g)     Marketing
h)     R&D
i)      Sales
j)      Service
k)     Procurement
l)      Supply Chain

Cross – processes

a)     Enterprise Health check – Manufacturing
b)     Quote to cash
c)     Intelligent Enterprise


a)     Defense and Security
b)     Consumer Products
c)     Industrial Machinery and Components
d)     Professional Services
e)     Retail

The surveys concentrate on top KPIs and the best practices.    

Q3 What will I receive after participating in the survey? 

Upon participation, you receive a personalized scorecard in real-time showcasing your process maturity, KPI analysis, prioritization of best practices and comparison to peers. This scorecard can be viewed upon survey completion and KPI validation at the end of the survey questionnaire and can be downloaded as Powerpoint.
For more information refer to the NGB Scorecard FAQ Section below.

Q4 Is it mandatory to answer all the question for a survey to be able to generate the scorecard?

No, it is not mandatory to answer all the question. However, we follow a give to get protocol. A user will be able to view the benchmarks only for the KPIs and best practices answered in the survey.

Q5 Can users add multiple other persons from their organization to the same survey to fill different sections? 

Yes, users can add multiple other persons (up to 21) to the same survey. Users also have the functionality to share different questions of the survey with other persons from their organization. They also have the flexibility to decide whether these other persons should be able to view the answers of questions that they have not been assigned. 

All you have to do is click on this persona button above each section or question to delegate the right set of questions to someone else in your organization. Just enter their first name, last name and email ID and an optional note. They will then get a link which prompts them to come on the platform and upon login they will see the questions that were assigned to them within the My to Do tab. At any point in time you can click on the community button on top right, to see who all are collaborating on the survey, how many questions were assigned and how many they have answered.

Q6 Is provided data treated as confidential?

Participant data is treated as highly confidential and managed securely from start to completion. Company specific data is aggregated with those of other participants to create benchmark peer sets and other meaningful aggregated insights from the benchmark data base. These are fully neutralized and will never reveal company-specific data (see also the Terms and Conditions upon registration).  

Q7 How can users’ answer currency specific questions in the surveys?

Users need to select the currency before accessing the survey. After they select a currency, they can answer all the questions of the survey in that currency. 

Q8 Is there any assistance available for understanding metrics requested in NGB surveys?

The Help text pop-ups are available that explain the metrics in more generic form such that participants can easily understand each metric requested.

Q9 Whom should I reach in case I need some help with SAP’s Next Generation Benchmarking Platform? 

Please reach out to valuemanagement{bei} in case you need any assistance with SAP’s Next Generation Benchmarking Platform. You can also click on the mail icon on the top bar of the tool screen.

FAQs SAP Next Generation Scorecard

Q1 Is the Next Generation Benchmarking Scorecard accessible in real-time?

Yes, the Next Generation Benchmarking Scorecard is a dynamic dashboard that provides insights in real-time after survey submission and KPI validation.

Q2 How can I access the KPI view of dashboard and validate KPIs?

Validating KPIs is a pre-requisite for viewing the scorecard. There are two ways to go for KPI Validation. Option 1 is to click on “Submit” after survey completion to go to KPI validation screen. The other option is to go to “Manage Surveys” and perform KPI Validation. If the KPI value is invalid, a validation message will be displayed. 

For e.g. KPI value is outside possible range, recommended value is less than/ more than KPI value, sum of parts validation etc.

For each KPI, the underlying questions will be available so that the changes can be made directly on these KPI validation pages. Click next to validate KPIs in each section or you can also use navigation pane in the left.

Q3 What are the key features of Next Generation Benchmarking Scorecard?

The key features of Next Generation Benchmarking Scorecard for the user are listed below:

·       Auto recommendation of peer groups

·       Edit the peer group for relevant benchmarks*

·       Add and remove KPIs to customize the dashboard*

·       Edit chart type based on requirement*

·       Option to download customized scorecard

        *See Q5

Q4 How does the peer group auto recommendation logic for KPIs work?

The recommended peer group takes into account the participant profile information entered for the survey and the data traction for the KPI for that particular sub- industry, industry, cluster, region, revenue range etc. 

Q5 How can I change the auto selected peer group and other edit options for the scorecard?

Upon KPI validation participants can see the auto recommended peer group benchmarks. For edit options like changing the peer group, chart types, adding/deleting KPIs - you will have to reach out to

Q6 How can I view maturity statements for Best Practices on the dashboard?

There is a “Show/Hide Maturity model” toggle button available for each BP. The participant responses for desired and current maturity are highlighted in purple.

Q7 Can I download the scorecard?

Yes, you can click on “Download Report” to download the scorecard as Powerpoint report.

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