Accompany Eric Perotti on his "Finance transformation Journey"

ABB Finance transformation journey

  • 2014 Finance case for change
  • Transformation towards a leading operating model
  • Lean Finance as key enabler to change the way of working
  • Main transformation achievements and learnings to date

Eric Perotti, BEc, EMBA
Chief Financial Officer
ABB Switzerland Ltd. 

"Sharing ABB Lean experience should be beneficial to the Controlling community"

3 questions to Eric Perotti

If there is a difference: What is the main one between Germany and Switzerland, regarding controlling?
Perotti: Based on what I could observe in our company over the years, differences in how Controlling is applied are normally not too much depending on cultural differences between Germany and Switzerland, but rather depending on divergent business models, which could impact the way and velocity of the Controlling practices in these countries.

Why should controllers be part of your lecture in Munich?
Perotti: Controlling, as a key driving force of the Finance function, is undergoing fundamental organizational changes in multi-national companies like ABB. This transformational evolution is driven by standardization and harmonization requirements, aiming at enhancing the Controlling efficiency. The 4th industrial revolution and digitalization are contributing to an acceleration of the Controlling transformation. Applying the Lean methodology to the Finance function drives an alignment of the organization towards better understanding and fulfilling customer and stakeholders’ needs, as well as towards eliminating wastes, to free up capacity in order to continuously enhance the Controlling value added service quality. Sharing ABB Lean experience should be beneficial to the Controlling community.           

If there is an advice you would like to give to controllers today – what would it be?
Perotti: Build up your professional controlling experiences along the business value chain, diversifying your controlling exposure working with possibly all the enterprise functions, in operational and strategic controlling, using the Lean methodology to provide state of the art services to your stakeholders.