3rd International Controlling Conference in North Macedonia (Skopje; language: Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian)

26.04.2023 9:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Conference theme “Controller as Change Agent: Hands-on tools & benefits to the company” was inspired by the inevitable function of controlling in all areas.

We are witnessing that in the recent years controlling is one of the most frequently discussed topics. Efforts are being made to implement it in all areas, to educate controllers, etc, all in order to improve the productivity of the organizations themselves. Achieving business success is the ultimate goal for all organizations whether private or public, and it requires useful and timely information on the basis of which the management of the organization will be efficient and effective.

The responsibility of the management for the success of the organization has increased the burden on top management due to which many organizations have started implementing the controlling system in order to increase the quality of their management of future developments and based on that information to get answers to specific questions such as – what are the trend values and what can we expect in the future, in which products can we invest more and which products can be abandoned, what buyers should be avoided in the future, what markets can be developed, what are the ways to finance the company, should it continue to acquire finances, etc.

Download the agenda here.

More information: Mitka Mojsovska, Head of the ICV work group North Macedonia, mitka{bei}controlling.mk.